He’s Always Watching, But the Question Is, Who Is the Man Behind Big Brother?

Channel 7

Big Brother is as mysterious as they come. Along with questioning the identity of Gossip Girl and A from Pretty Little Liars, the next person everyone grew up wondering about was Big Brother himself. Who is the person behind the ominous voice? 

Over the years, many have attempted to uncover the chess master and in July 2020, the Daily Mail successfully seemed to have closed the case. It was reported that voice actor Chris Coucouvinis was BB. Chris is known for lending his voice to multiple advertisements, working with brands such as ANZ, Tourism Australia, ALDI, Lindt, Canon and more. 

According to the publication, Chris loved the gig as it “allowed him to improvise and have fun with the contestants”.

In the article, the Daily Mail went on to say that despite the results of their investigation, when Chris was approached for a comment, he denied being a part of the show. The next clue comes from Sonia Kruger, the host of Big Brother.

Speaking to The Sunday Telegraph in June 2020, Sonia gave a hint about the man behind the voice.

“He is a bit of an international man of mystery, to be honest. He is very mischievous, and it’s hard to talk about him as a real person,” she said.

She continued, “He is quite cute… I can tell you that much.”

We doubt Channel 7 will reveal its most heavily guarded secret, but we’ll always wonder.

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