Here’s Everyone Who’s Left “Blow Up Australia” 2023 So Far

who left blow up australia
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Blow Up Australia” has made its debut, showcasing the awe-inspiring talent of a group of skilled balloon artists. However, in the world of latex creations, not everyone can emerge victorious. The burning question remains: Who was eliminated on “Blow Up Australia”?

At the onset of the series, there were 10 immensely talented Australian balloon artists vying for the top spot. As the episodes progress, the number of competitors will deflate, until only one remains. Moreover, the ultimate victor will walk away with a staggering $100,000 in prize money.

The first contestant to bid farewell on “Blow Up Australia” was Robbie Kay. He’s an impressive young artist at the sprightly age of 34. Robbie, also known for his prowess as a close-up magician and regular performer at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, taught himself the intricate craft of crafting mesmerising balloon creations.

In an interview prior to his elimination, Robbie expressed his optimistic and can-do attitude.”I’m approaching the competition with an eagerness to learn and the strategy to improvise when necessary!” he stated.

Below is a list of every contestant that’s been sent home on “Blow Up Australia”:

Who Left “Blow Up Australia”?


Nicole Brusic Blow Up Australia
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Michelle Ferron Blow Up Australia
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