Was This the Shortest Marriage In MAFS History? Chris and Jaimie Exit the Experiment

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During the third commitment ceremony on Married at First Sight,  Jaimie Gardner and Chris Jensen sat opposite the experts and essentially tried to convince everyone (and themselves) that they were in a happy fake relationship.

While Jensen was still reeling from the fact that Gardner had asked in a “joking” manner to smell his hands after he returned from the bathroom, Gardner was adamant that everything was coming up Milhouse. However, the cracks turned into gigantic crevices when it came time to move into their Sky Suite apartment.

Following their time with the experts, the pair had a massive argument with Jensen accusing Gardner of “faking their fake marriage”.

“So this morning, Jaimie told me the only reason she wrote stay at the commitment ceremony was to save face,” Jensen said in a voiceover. “And then she told me how she had planned on how we were going to exit the experiment, all because she didn’t want to admit I wasn’t good enough for her.”

“I completely gave myself to this,” Jensen said before adding that he hoped it “would spark something off”.

“In the end, it’s created something that was completely fake and I’m not part of that fakeness.”

Jensen then went on to admit that he knew his bride “doesn’t like me”.

“I know I’m not the guy around on yachts. I’m not her millionaire mates. Maybe I’m not good enough for her. I don’t know. But I’m being used. I can’t just play this game that we’re all good. It’s just not right.

“The simple fact of the matter is, I’m not here to pretend. I was actually here to find someone and it’s just horrible what’s going on.”

While settling into their new home, a producer senses some tension and while Gardner gives the cliff notes, Jensen doesn’t hold back.

“Did you or did you not say that you wanted to pretend for another week and stop being so nice to you because it’s making you look like a b—h?” Jensen asked. “Ok, so now you’re a liar. I will not be staying in this room with you. I will not be having anything to do with you because you are not the person you perceive to be. If you’re going to put an act on for cameras, that’s fine. I don’t need to be treated like this.”

Jensen then walks out of the apartment, saying that he can’t keep doing this when “she puts me down. I can’t keep being told, ‘stop being so nice because you’re making me look bad.’ She pretends to be a nice person but she’s just not a nice person.

“All she is concerned about is herself and how she comes off. She’s giving you what she wants to give you,” he says.

Since their wedding day, the 32-year-old FIFO driller had felt a sense of “inadequacy” around his new wife, made worse by the fact that the 35-year-old brand manager continuously picked on his hair (“he’s got a Queensland haircut”), his nose ring and his tattoos.

Then, during their time on the couch, Gardner told John Aiken, Alessandra Rampolla and Mel Schilling that they were “both really respectful of each other.” Luckily, Aiken was not born into the experiment yesterday and questioned their “sincerity”.

After cooling off, Jensen returns back to their apartment and tells his bride that a decision has been made.

“I’m not going to pretend we’re all good for another week, just because you won’t admit I’m not good enough for you. The lie is done,” he tells her, ready to walk away.

After being relatively silent, Gardner then accuses her husband of being the one that is lying and then confusingly says that she was the one who “brought the conversation up.” — except we were all there, and she didn’t.

“I don’t appreciate your behaviour and it’s not something I am willing to accept,” she told him. Jensen then walks out.

“Good,” Gardner says. “It not how I wanted to end things, but it’s kind of a relief.”

To you and us both, Jaimie. To you and us both.

Goodbye guys, we hardly knew ya.

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