Vintage Gucci Is Having a Moment Thanks to Lady Gaga’s New Film

House of Gucci

If vintage Gucci wasn’t already a vibe, it is now.

Thanks to the buzz surrounding Lady Gaga’s latest film, House of Gucci, vintage designer retailer, Vestiaire Collective, has seen an 80% increase in Gucci items.

Tbh, we’re not surprised. The combination of iconic fashion house Gucci with the artistic genius that is Lady Gaga and the romance of past fashion… is just too much for our little hearts to bear.

The statement jewellery. The big sunglasses. The matching suits. The little bags to go with every outfit. We can’t deny that being in Patrizia Reggiani’s wardrobe would be pure heaven.

Unsurprisingly, we’re not the only ones who feel this way.

Since the House of Gucci trailer first dropped, searches for “vintage Gucci” increased by 35% and “Tom Ford Gucci” by 40% on Vestiaire Collective.

These keen online shoppers must be in-the-know fashionistas, too, seeing as Tom Ford landed the job of Creative Director at Gucci in 1994, the year before Maurizio Gucci was murdered.

House of Gucci, which is in cinemas now, is based on the murder of Maurizio Gucci, with the woman behind the killing, his wife Patrizia Reggiani. The Gucci ‘look’ at the time was directed by Ford, which explains why his work at Gucci is seeing the limelight in the media once more.

But let’s be real, it never really left.

The best thing about vintage designer clothing is that it’s classic. You aren’t just purchasing something beautiful to wear, you’re buying a moment of history.

What Tom Ford brought to Gucci was the sex appeal. What had previously been a conservative and elegant brand was transformed into a sexy, sleek and refined version of itself, playing with gender roles and sexuality. It was controversial at the time and had a huge impact on the direction of the brand today.

Each major fashion house makes history every year at its fashion shows, with bold statements and signature looks. But there’s just something extra special and beautiful about the past. We can’t ever go back, but we can celebrate the creations that live on.

You can head to Vestiaire Collective‘s online shopping space for all things pre-loved designer vintage here. You might also want to suss out where you can watch House of Gucci too. You can do that here.

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