The Dos and Don’ts of Buying and Wearing Lingerie

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Lingerie can make you feel sexier and more confident, whether there’s someone else around to appreciate it or not. The feel of the fabric on your skin, the look of the frills, lace or bows, even just the simple fact that you’re wearing something nice that only you — and a partner if you have one — can see. Lingerie truly is a secret weapon for self-empowerment.

But what do we need to know before we buy it? And, once we’ve bought it, what do we need to know about wearing and looking after it? Here, we share exactly what those need to knows (along with definitely don’t dos) are.

Do Get Fitted By an Expert at Least Once

When it comes to lingerie, the fit is the most important thing, says Jess Lauppe-Guy, head of product at Bras N Things. “A bra that fits you will feel comfortable, and you’ll feel supported,” Lauppe-Guy says.

“Getting fitted really is a game-changer and can literally change the way your clothes look, giving you a real boost,” she says.

An ill-fitting bra can cause shoulder pain, back pain and could even result in chronic headaches, adds Emilie Festaz, Simone Pérèle’s head of communication and digital in Australia and New Zealand. “A properly fitted bra should be one that you forget you are wearing,” says Festaz.

Do Know the Different Pieces

These are the main pieces of lingerie to know, according to Festaz:

A T-shirt bra: This is a bra you wear under fitted clothes and that disappears completely while being supportive and timeless.

A lacy full cup: If you are a fuller figure or wire-free and half-cup lacy bra, for a smaller figure. This is the bra you wear when you want to add some luxury to your everyday wear and add some spice to a sheer top.

The strapless bra: To fulfil all your summer dresses and top needs while being fully supported and invisible.

The shapewear, be bodysuit or high waisted brief: To ensure all your fitted dresses fit like a glove and you feel supported and confident to take on the day.

The fashion piece, like a sheer bodysuit or teddy, a garter belt: To hold your stockings or the colourful bras to show a hint of coloured lace under a white shirt.

The silk camisole: When perfectly matched with a blazer and a pair of denim, it will give you the elegance and casual chic look to take you from day to night. 

Don’t Choose Fabric That Isn’t Breathable

Avoid fabrics that aren’t breathable or that are too restrictive, says Festaz. “They are never a good choice for underwear,” she says. “The kind of fabric you should be looking for is cotton-lined underwear or smooth fabrics.”

For Lauppe-Guy, it’s about choosing fabrics that feel good to you against your skin. “As long as your bra is a good fit and made well, any fabric that feels good to you is a winner.”

Do Only Buy What You Feel Comfortable in

“When you feel comfortable, you also feel more confident,” says Lauppe-Guy. “Everybody’s body is different but the most common result of wearing a bra that doesn’t fit is discomfort, which then leads to women wanting to rip off their bra as soon as possible.”

In addition to bringing out your confidence, buying lingerie you feel comfortable in will also make you feel secure and unrestricted, says Festaz. She explains that to get there, you should only wear lingerie that is perfectly fitted to you and your body — and that feels comfortable.

“When there is no bulge or gaps in your underwear, your true beauty is revealed and you are ready to take on your day feeling strong and confident,” Festaz says. “Also, some daring colours and lace for a special occasion can really help you embrace your true femininity.”

Don’t Assume Expensive Means Quality

Some brands are expensive purely because of marketing, says Festaz. So, instead of choosing lingerie simply based on the price tag, Lauppe-Guy says that when it comes to bras, look for one with an under band that feels firm around your body and is supportive. “The shoulder straps should feel secure but not take the full weight of your bust,” she says.

“Good quality lingerie is available at a lot of price points, but it’s important to remember that you wear a bra and underwear every day so it’s worth spending a little bit more to invest in your comfort and to have your favourite bra around a little longer.”

Do Always Handwash Your Lingerie

And finally, be sure to always handwash your lace, silk or other delicate-fabric lingerie or put them in a wash bag. It’ll keep them looking better and will guarantee and longer-lasting garment in terms of look and fit, says Festaz.

“When you wash your bras in the machine, it puts more pressure on the stretch of the fabric and will shorten the lifespan of your garment,” she says. Bras can also get caught in the machine or wrapped around other clothes, which can also stretch the fabric, adds Lauppe-Guy.

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