4 Ways I (Re)Wear My Summer Dresses to Get the Most Out of Them All Year

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You might think that a summer dress is a nonsensical purchase for the cooler months, but I am hear to tell you that that isn’t so.

A dress is perhaps the most practical piece of clothing in any wardrobe, as it’s the most versatile, comfy and easy to layer, mix and match with.

But while knitted dresses and fitted dresses are easy to wear in winter, what about all those cute summer dresses you still want to flaunt?

Thankfully, I am the master of layering. Plus — we have TikTok fashion hacks to guide us now, too. So, here are the five main ways I, along with TikTok’s most stylish, layer our dresses to get the most out of them all year long.

Wear Something Cropped on Top

Layering a crop top, cardigan or jacket over the top of a strappy dress is perhaps one of the easiest ways to layer with dresses. Plus it’s great for those days when you’re not sure if you’re going to be hot or cold.


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  1. Take your favourite strappy dress, preferably something a little bit more form-fitting, as that style will look better with a loose crop.
  2. Choose a loose crop to put over the top. Jumper-style or tee shirt crops look the best, as they give a super casual, effortless vibe over a more form-fitting dress.
  3. Layer this with a cropped cardigan or jacket. If you want to go for a bit more of an edgy look, a cropped leather jacket would work perfectly, while if you want to stay more day-time cutesy; a cropped cardi fits the bill.
  4. You can even layer this with a pair of stockings and boots, or keep things casual with platform runners.

PS — You could actually choose just one cropped item; either a top or a jacket/cardi, and go with just one instead of both.

Make It a Top

Two-pieces are really in right now, so why not make your dress into a top by pairing it with some bottoms that match? You could choose leggings, pants or even a skirt, and create a super cute full-length outfit using one of your favourite dresses.


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  1. I find this looks best with tight, short dresses. So, find your favourite tight short dress and pop it on. I like to use a dress that has a noticeable detail too, like a low back or neckline detail.
  2. Match it to some bottoms. If your dress it tight and short, you can match it with pretty much anything really seamlessly. A high-waisted maxi skirt or a pair or high-waisted leggings always work really well; either with the dress tucked in (into the skirt) or out over the top (of the leggings/pants).
  3. Pair this with a pair of heels or heeled boots, and you actually won’t believe how good it looks.
  4. You can then layer a jacket on top, something long and chunky like a faux fur or leather coat would be a winner.

Wear Stockings

Don’t underestimate a pair of good stockings. They might’ve become a little drab there for a moment, but the Charlie’s Angels look is back; complete with stockings, knee-high boots and a mini dress.

  1. Put on your favourite mini dress.
  2. Pair it with some stockings. You could get creative with the colours or prints, even venturing out to white stockings, patterned stockings or a block colour, like orange or blue.
  3. Put a pair of knee length boots on over the top; preferably with a heel. Plain white or black is the best option, especially if you’re going for a statement stocking.
  4. Layer a jumper or jacket. Cropped styles always look best with mini dresses, as they don’t shorten your body and they leave enough of the dress showing, making the whole outfit look more polished.

PS — This outfit looks really cute with an up-do. Put your hair into a messy bun and chuck on some statement earrings; you won’t regret it.

Wear a Top Underneath

It may sound simple, but so often we think that wearing a top underneath our summery dresses won’t look good, but it always does.

  1. Choose a dress that you want to wear. Something with spaghetti straps always looks good, whether it’s flowy or tight.
  2. Find a long-sleeved top, shirt, or even a turtleneck that matches (it could be the same colour, in the same colour palette or a fun clash), and pop it on underneath.
  3. Pair with long boots, so that there’s no skin showing and you’re as warm as a bug in a rug.
  4. Chuck a jacket over the top.

PS — Always tuck your top into your undies when you’re layering a dress over the top. It eliminates creases and makes you feel less bulky.

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