Model Jessica Gomes Explains Why She’s Left LA for Byron Bay

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Jessica Gomes has been a resident of Los Angeles until recently. With no signs of the pandemic slowing down in the States, Gomes made the decision to head home for a while and she’s relishing being back on home soil — especially given how well Australia is doing in its response to the health crisis.

“COVID-19 was getting pretty bad in LA so I thought I’d just come home for a bit,” Gomes told POPSUGAR Australia. “I’m really happy to be back, be working, be hanging around my friends and walking around without a mask on. I feel lucky that I get to be here in a safe environment.”

Since arriving back in the country, Gomes has been a busy bee with work including fronting the new ‘Poetica’ collection for Auguste — a boutique clothing brand based in Byron Bay. Designed as a homage to the Australian landscape, Gomes jumped at the opportunity to be apart of this campaign, which was shot in the dreamy surrounds of Tasmania.

Of her experience shooting the campaign, Gomes said: “Just waking up and seeing the sunrise over the lake, it was just so beautiful in this quiet cottage and we were all hanging out and drinking coffee in the morning and just chatting as well it was really fun crew and I really love the designer Ebony Eagles.

“It was just a great group of women and we were all chatting about life and having deep conversations and it was really nice and we were drinking coffee then I’d pop on a dress and shoot. It was just like a cool hang.”

Living up to it’s sustainable values, this latest collection by Auguste includes fabrics that are more earth-friendly — something that was extremely important for Gomes when signing on.

“The collection was inspired by the Tasmanian coastline and had these incredible vintage inspired prints and silhouettes,” she said. “They use incredible fabrics like hemp and organic cotton and merino wool. It was so incredible to work with a brand that cares about their sustainable practices so much.”

Gomes’ future plans for life in Australia sound pretty dreamy thanks to her new home in Byron Bay in New South Wales. For the foreseeable, you’ll find Gomes spending time with family and friends, soaking up the Australian lifestyle and swimming in the ocean.

“I’m just so excited to live in this beautiful country,” she said. “I just love Byron Bay so much, I’ve fallen in love with the place and my best friend lives there and I just can’t wait to live a wholesome life. I’m just enjoying the wholesomeness here. I’m just so excited that I’m home with my friends and family now it means so much to me that’s the most important thing just living a simple life and just being with loved ones. Plus the ocean is so healing, I just want to swim in the ocean every day.”

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