Fashion Designer Rebecca Vallance Follows This Checklist For Dressing With Quiet Luxury

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Quiet luxury is trending and esteemed Australian designer, Rebecca Vallance, isn’t surprised.

“Since the beginning of 2023, we have seen the womenswear market shift to trends such as ‘quiet luxury’, which reflect a more minimalistic approach to fashion,” Vallance tells POPSUGAR Australia.

“This shift is largely due to consumers taking a more considered approach when shopping, focusing on versatility and quality of garments.”

Basically, quality materials and classic styles are all the rage — as we’re becoming more conscious of the damage that fast fashion brands can have on both the economy and the environment. And it’s a total vibe.

“Consumers are no longer purchasing fashion pieces they plan to wear once; we are seeing a rise in fashion pieces as investment. This is both better for the consumer financially, as well as, better for the environment long term.”

In a world where minimalist style is everlasting, who wouldn’t prefer a capsule wardrobe of things they’ll wear over and over? We know we would. Plus, if you shop smarter (not harder), you’ll be able to mismatch all your pieces and wear them together to create new outfits. There’s no losing in the quiet luxury game.

Due to this shift towards appreciating quality staples, well-known Australian designers, like Vallance, are developing their range of essentials. Not only does this show range, but it also sees high end designers creating simple designs that are great quality, but more affordable and accessible. For a consumer that might not be able to afford a Rebecca Vallance party dress, they can invest in a pair of essential trousers instead.

“Essentials offers our customer luxurious everyday garments and timeless wardrobe staples that will work all year round, for any season. The idea was to encapsulate luxe essentials that can take you from work meetings into evening drinks and are versatile enough to wear to multiple events, whilst still feeling fabulous,” she says.

“I personally believe being overdressed is always better than being underdressed, who doesn’t want to be the most glamorous person in the room?!”

Hard agree.

“There is nothing worse than the ‘I have nothing to wear’ mayhem in the morning, which why an essentials range has become so ‘essential’ — when life is busy, it is good to put something timeless and effortless and look amazing.”


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So, if you live a fast-paced life but still want to be fashionable on a daily basis, quiet luxury is the perfect trend for you. Below, Australian designer Rebecca Vallance gives us her five tips for dressing with quiet luxury.


Accessories are a big part of dressing with quiet luxury, because they finish off an outfit. Quiet luxury is all about looking rich, like you have everything together — and nothing says that more than a pair of big sunnies, a delicate gold necklace stack or some custom rings.

“I love pairing our oversized Brody suit with chic sunnies and a micro-handbag — the feminine touches compliment the masculine silhouette so well.”

Try on Different Sizes

Sizing is something we need to talk about more, when it comes to creating a specific look. One of quiet luxury’s biggest elements — is effortless. Often, effortlessness in dressing comes with nailing the sizing for the look you’re going for.

For example, I’m a curvy size 12. If I’m going for a clean, sleek and professional look — I lean towards something fitted, a bodycon maxi dress or a perfectly tailored suit. In contrast, if I’m going for something more masculine and effortless — I lean towards oversized shirts, coats and even pants.

Knowing your size and how to play with different shaped silhouettes is a must, when dressing yourself with quiet luxury.

“Whether you are going for a well-tailored office blazer or an oversized structured silhouette, I always recommend going into store and trying on blazers in different sizes, you’ll be amazed at the difference it can make,” Vallance recommends.

Shoes Can Pivot Your Whole Look

Someone once told me that you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes. And it’s true! Shoes can change an entire outfit.

“Pair your look back with a classic white sneaker or dress your look up with a timeless pair of black pumps,” suggests Vallance.

Wearing a relaxed suit with a platform sneaker vs a strappy heel is a completely different look, however they’re both in-keeping with quiet luxury.

Invest in a Good Coat

“Heading into winter, a good coat is a must,” states Vallance. Plus, if you look at all the celebrities nailing the quiet luxury trend (AKA Gwyneth Paltrow’s court wardrobe), you’ll notice that overcoats play a huge role.

Gwyneth Paltrow is seen leaving court in 2023. Photo: Getty Images

“Keep an eye out for the best quality fabrics as this will give you an indication of how many seasons it will last.”

Wool blends, cashmere, tweed, cotton and flannel are all great materials to invest in.

High-Quality Materials Are a Must

This last tip, is the epitome of what it means to dress in quiet luxury — investing in pieces made me high-quality materials. They might be slightly more expensive than you’re used to, but they’ll last you for years and naturally give off a luxurious vibe.

“Invest in quality garments and fabrics which will stand the test of time,” says Vallance.

You can shop the Rebecca Vallance: Essentials range online here.

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