From Bratz Platforms to Micro Bags — 5 Fashion Trends We’re Loving This Spring

Versace / Blumarine / Jacquemus

There is so much to love about fashion at the moment. We’ve got such a range of fun colours and patterns, with sustainable considerations and comfort-forward designs as well as some old favourite resurfacing.

Here are our favourite fashion trends to come out of both the Northern Hemisphere autumn and our Southern Hemisphere spring season for 2021.

Bratz Platforms

Whether it be school-girl vibes, Beyonce poolside or straight up Y2K high fashion, I am pleased to say that Bratz platforms are back.


Does Kenny not look like Yasmin — aka the hottest Bratz doll — in this pic? It’s actually wild to see this fashion come back around, but I’m so here for it. That low riding slip skirt and the sheer crop are also very early 00s. And we love a clashing print.

I am drooling over these Versace platforms. They’re everywhere right now, and I get why.

Faux Fur

Faux fur is back, but not in a big way. We’re seeing it in accessories like bags and shoes, as well as trimmings on coats or collars to give a look a little bit more spice.

Instead of being tacky, faux fur is being re-introduced as the IT girl glam look for the Gen Z babe who loves a bit of texture and a pop of colour but also loves the environment.

Versace has brought out matching faux fur shoes and bags. We’re literally dying over how fabulous they are.


I’m personally obsessed with these faux fur mules. Obviously, they’re not the most practical for unpredictable weather, but they’re so friggin’ cute.

Blumarine has recently had a facelift and looking at these looks, we see why it’s one of the most talked-about brands on TikTok right now. It’s the definition of Gen Z fashion.

In the picture above, Olivia Rodrigo literally looks like she’s stepped straight off the set of Mandy Moore’s Candy music video, except there’s this elevated vibe to it. It’s like 1999, without the choppy layers and sticky lip gloss.

Blumarine has also jumped on the faux fur train, incorporating it into almost every outfit in their fall collection. Dubbed ‘eco fur’, it’s super glam and badass, while also catering for the ethics of Gen Z fashionistas and celebrities.


Micro Bags

Tiny bags have been a thing ever since Lizzo showed up to the 2019 AMAs with a tiny orange Valentino purse. Valentino has continued to produce its box bags and tiny purses, which are still a defining statement of fashion trends of right now.

Many other fashion brands have started producing tiny bags, and TBH we don’t think they’re going anywhere anytime soon.

MAISON de SABRÉ’s new Micro Cross Body Bag ($269) is part of a new collection of micro bags that can be monogrammed with your name/initials, which we always love.


While classic designers are experimenting with takes on tiny bags, beloved modern designers like Jacquemus are totally hitting the mark with its edgy, block-coloured designs.

Hot Pink

I always used to get teased when I’d say pink was my favourite colour. I guess people thought it was predictable? But I’ve always stuck with my love of all shades of pink and I’m damn glad I did.

Hot pink specifically is super reminiscent of fluffy dice, fluffy pens, the covers of our fluffy journals, back in the mid-2000s when being a teenage girl with a hot pink flip phone was IT.

As you can see in Jacquemus’s latest show, hot pink is back with a vengeance.

As we’ve seen through Versace’s hot pink platforms, this hot pink translates through clothes and accessories pretty equally this season.


Catsuits never really went out of style, but they’re finding their way back onto the runway again and there’s a very boss woman energy going on.

Mugler is pretty well-known for its catsuits right now. They’re a mixture of badass businesswoman, Cher exercise videos and futuristic glamour, all of which exude the utmost confidence.

While Ottolinger is giving us custom clashing print artistic pieces, that feel like a cross between the ’90s and ’00s teen angst.

Here for all of it.

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