This 10-Minute Barre Butt Workout Will Activate Every Muscle in Your Glutes

10-Minute Barre Butt Workout

Feel like your glutes are asleep? This 10-minute barre workout led by trainer Alexis Turner and class members Siena Lyn and Leilani Terris will wake them right up. You’ll put your glutes and lower body to work with moves like pliés, passés, leg pulses, and attitude rotations, plus a mat series featuring side-lying leg lifts and circles. Bonus: your arms will also get a little attention as you hold them overhead for the whole standing series. Whether you want to do some dedicated glute work or simply want to squeeze in a quick workout, this 10-minute session is all you need. Just grab a mat and get started.

Turner’s outfit: Splits59

Terris’s outfit: Varley

Lyn’s top: Athleta // Leggings: Fabletics

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