These 8 Ab-and-Booty Combo Moves Make the Most Intense 30-Minute Workout

Val Desjardins

Your abs and booty are about to get worked! Val Desjardins, owner of The Studio Montreal and celebrity EXOS-certified fitness trainer who’s worked with celeb clients like Jennifer Aniston, shared this 30-minute bodyweight-only workout to target your glutes, abs, and back.

This is a low-impact, mat-based workout that focuses on strengthening your core and exercising your glutes. Desjardins said building strength in your core reinforces the support system for your entire body. Your core is responsible for your posture, and routinely working on reinforcing it helps prevent injuries. In turn, exercising your glutes helps to build strength for exercises such as running, jumping, or even just walking.

30-Minute At-Home Ab and Butt Workout

Equipment needed: none

Directions: Warm up with three rounds of five inchworm to shoulder taps, a 30-second elbow plank, and a 30-second side plank on each side. Then choose the level that’s appropriate for you, but don’t be afraid to challenge yourself!

Beginner: 30 seconds of each exercise followed by a 45-second rest: complete three rounds with a 45-second rest between rounds

Intermediate: 45 seconds of each exercise followed by a 30-second rest: complete three rounds with a 30-second rest between rounds

Advanced: 60 seconds of each exercise followed by a 15-second rest: complete three rounds with a 15-second rest between rounds

Ab and Butt Workout
Bear to Knee Elevated Leg Extension
Frog Bridge Pump to Frog Crunch
3-Legged Downward Dog to Knee Drive
Glute Bridge to Hollow Body Hold
Side Plank Leg Lift
Single-Leg Bridge to Leg Reach Crunch
Clamshell to Knee-Supported Side Plank
Bridge Walkout to Full Flexion Crunch
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