The New Bonds White and Nude Period Undies Are Great For the Earth and Your Sartorial Choices


Period undies are a treat for both the environment and you. Not only do these undies provide leak-proof protection but they also reduce the need to use single-use period products like pads and tampons, which means less waste going to landfill. Pretty good, right?

Bonds launched its range of Bloody Comfy Period Undies in 2020, with a number of styles from boyleg to bikini cuts. And now, the brand is back with a new range of Bloody Comfy Period Undies in the following colours: white, grey and nude. Yes, white, grey and nude — you read that correctly.

Retailing across Australia for $24.95 to $29.95, this new extension in the Bloody Comfy Period Undies line might be surprising but it actually makes a lot of sense when it comes to your fashion choices. What if you want to wear a lighter colour while on your period? Black period undies simply won’t do in this case.

“Bonds is here to show young Aussies everywhere that you can be just as active, confident, and comfy on your period as when you aren’t. It’s time to ditch those old-school period ‘rules’ and embrace your period, feeling bloody comfy doing it,” said a press release from the brand.

This new line allows you to wear whatever colour you want and you’ll have undies to match — you’ll no longer have to worry if you can see your black period undies through your light coloured clothing. The new colours are available in Bonds’ much-loved undie shapes, including bikini, boyleg and full brief, and feature the brand’s leak-proof protection promise in a range of absorbency levels.

The Bloody Comfy Period Undies are available in sizes 6 to 20 and can be worn over and over again. To take care of your undies, Bonds recommends rinsing them, popping them in the washing machine on a cold wash before drying them on the line.

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