Romance Over the Rower: 8 Exercises You Can Try At the Gym That Are *Couple Goals*

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Is there any better way to spend some quality (and healthy) time with your significant other than by hitting the gym together? 

Not only do couple workouts give you the chance to get hot and sweaty together (outside the bedroom that is), you can also motivate and push one another and work together intimately to achieve the results you want.

So let’s get down to it, here are eight movements for you and your other half to try next time you sweat it out together:

1. Sled push

Mix up your regular sled push by getting your partner to act as the weight. Instead of loading up the sled with as many weighted plates as you can find, get your partner to hop aboard and enjoy the ride… until it’s their turn of course!

2. Sprints

Interval training is touted for its ability to burn fat fast to give you an effective workout in minimal time. So why not share your love for this high-intensity training style with your partner?

Jump on neighbouring treadmills and get ready to run. Alternate between 30 seconds of sprinting, then 30 seconds of slow jogging on and off with your partner (so they’re resting when you’re sprinting, and vice versa). 

You can even set a shared distance goal, and push each other to go further and faster. Aim for 10 minutes in total and if you get that far, fair play to you both.

3. Russian twist pass

Time to work those abs. Using a medicine ball, position yourselves next to each other on the floor with your heels floating and perform Russian twists, passing the ball to your partner every time you switch the weight to their side.

Strengthening your abs and your bond at the same time? That’s what we call couple goals.

4. Chest press

A spotter can be so handy in the gym when it comes to lifting those heavier loads, and who is better equipped for the job than your partner? 

Take it in turns to spot each other as you work your way through chest press variations. Challenge each other to lift your maximum loads given you’ve got your partner there ready to catch you if you fall. It’s a metaphor for your life together isn’t it? See, couple goals in the gym is a real thing.

5. Plank hold and jump over

The ultimate test of trust. One partner will hold a forearm plank, keeping their shoulders directly over their elbows, core tight and hips level, while the other does lateral tuck jumps over the first partner, and back. Swap every 30 seconds. 

For a regression, try stepping over the planking partner, or progress by adding a burpee either side after your tuck jump.

6. Partner pistol squat

Pistol squats are a serious team effort making them perfect for some couple bonding. Face and hold onto your partner for support then at the same time, lift your outside leg off the ground and lower into a pistol squat working your inside leg, then slowly rise back up at the same time.

The key here is timing and synchronicity. What better way to test your relationship than to challenge yourselves to perform an advanced move at precisely the same speed? After all, if one of you fails, you both do, so prepare for the challenge. 

7. Push up to hi-five

Now that you’re almost done working out, it’s time to congratulate each other for a job well done. Facing opposite one another, lower into a push up, and rise simultaneously to tap opposite hands or hi-five each time you get to the top of your rep, changing hands each time.

You’ve come so far, you deserve a little recognition.

8. Banded sprint

Now for the last hurrah! By this point, you’re probably more than ready to get some space and this exercise is here to help make that happen.

Loop a long resistance band around both of your waists (so you’re both standing in the centre of the band), pull it taught in opposite directions as you face away from one another. Call ‘go’, and sprint as fast as you can in opposite directions for 30 seconds, before relaxing and coming back together. Repeat up to 10 times.

There’s a reason so many people fall in love at the gym, it’s a serious hotbed of sweat, motivation and bodies everywhere. Not to mention, the gym offers the perfect opportunity to put your love, trust, communication and cooperation to the test… It’s the ultimate couples therapy.

So give these exercises a go with your partner, and watch the romance ignite all over again. 

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