Wake Up Sleepy Glutes With These 10 Bodyweight Butt Exercises

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What if we told you your glutes weren’t only the foundation of a healthier set of legs, but also part of having a strong, functional core? That’s right: As an important hip-stabilization muscle, your glutes act as a crucial part of your core. Even though heavy squats, deadlifts, and glute bridges are sure to build butt muscles, there are plenty of bodyweight glute exercises you can do to activate and build strength in your butt without any equipment needed.

When Sarah Chadwell, CPT, was asked how to get an effective butt workout at home, she had plenty to say. “Your glutes, aka your butt muscles, are one of the largest, most powerful muscle groups in your entire body. They are also the most commonly underused muscle group,” she said. “Many of us sit on them all day and stretch the muscles out, which is bad because they go to sleep; they literally shut down. It’s time to get those sleeping giants fired up so you don’t end up with a [weak] butt.”

Just like any other muscle group, if you want to build strength, you have to spend time focusing on working that particular group. Try these 10 no-equipment glute exercises and you’ll see that you can build a powerful – and very awake – butt right at home. (And if you want to make it more challenging, just add a mini resistance band.) Incorporate them into your workouts, or do them all together for a seriously challenging at-home butt workout.

-Additional reporting by Lauren Mazzo

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