No More Hiding: The Period Product Brand That Is Designed to Be on Display

Me. Period Care

How many times have you hidden your period products underneath the other items in your basket or trolley at the supermarket? It’s an extremely common move, given the stigma that still surrounds periods. Menstruation is something we are taught not to talk about in public — it’s something that society considers largely taboo and as such, we are encouraged to deal with it privately.

A New Zealand brand called Me. Period Care is working to open up conversations around periods and set a new standard in the world of period products. This modern period care brand is designed to be seen and sit proudly on your bathroom shelf or in your bedroom. No more hiding.

The blue packaging of the products is chic and understated and has been thoughtfully designed to be distinctive yet understated and non-binary — perfect to have on display. In fact, the tagline for Me. is “Don’t hide me”, encouraging users to throw off the shackles placed on us to hide the products we need to deal with our periods.

As for the actual period products, these have been designed with a blend of certified and sustainably sourced 100 percent organic cotton and performance-based synthetic materials. All of the products are hypoallergenic and made without the use of fragrance, chlorine and synthetic dyes.

Me. is also an environmentally conscious brand, so there’s no single-use plastic involved in the creation of these products. The products are housed in a recyclable cardboard box, while the pads are packaged in biodegradable wrappers.

The Me. Period Care range includes Tampons ($4.50 for 16 pack), in mini, regular and super, Pads ($4.50) — in regular, super and overnight — and Liners ($4 for 30 pack). Me. Period Care products are available in Coles stores across Australia.

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