Modibodi Has Launched the World’s First Biodegradable Period and Pee-Proof Undies


Australia’s original and number one leak-proof underwear brand, Modibodi, is once again pushing barriers to create period undies that are supportive, comfortable and kind to the environment. The latest innovation from Modibodi, which is also a world-first, is the creation of biodegradable period and pee-proof undies.

The Biodegradable Brief, which is laboratory tested and verified biodegradable, is part of Modibodi’s commitment to sustainability. The innovative product was created over two years and includes a combination of natural and bioengineered synthetic materials.

“After years of blood, sweat and science, we have taken steps to end the lifecycle problem of textiles. This is the new way to period, and we couldn’t be prouder to develop a product that not only reduces waste, but doesn’t cause harm to our planet,” said Kristy Chong, Modibodi founder and CEO, in a press release.

Modibodi Biodegradable Brief

“The key barrier to biodegradability for most brands is the elastane used in the fabric to provide stretch and comfort alongside that used in waist and leg elastics. Modibodi has solved this issue by using a super fine rib knit construction in the main fabric to maintain its shape and stretch without the need for elastane.”

The Biodegradable Brief is made up of Merino wool and Tencel — made from sustainably sourced wood — with the Merino wool gusset designed to wick away moisture while the addition of bamboo terry helps to absorb liquids. The elastic used in the undies are designed to break down in landfill in approximately five years, which is 10 times faster than synthetic fibres.

The fabrics and the design of the undies results in a 97 per cent Biodegradable Brief that Modibodi says is designed to break down into non-toxic substances at the end of its usable life. When the underwear is at the end of its life with you, cut off the elastics and discard in landfill waste and bury the main body of the brief in active soil so bugs and bacteria can help break them down.

The Biodegradable Brief breaking down.

According to Modibodi, the degrading of the undies will begin in four to six weeks depending on the conditions of the soil as well as the temperature. The garment will be mostly broken down within six months, while the elastic yarns will be completely broken down within three to five years.

For context, it can take up to 30 years for regular undies to break down in landfill and, when you take into consideration how long single-use period products take to break downroughly 500 to 800 years for tampons and up to 800 years for pads — switching to Modibodi’s Biodegradable Brief to deal with your period or bladder leaks is a no brainer.

The Biodegradable Brief is available in a full brief and bikini style and can be washed over 100 times before reaching its end-of-life. The Biodegradable Bikini comes in at $42.50 and the Biodegradable Full Brief is $45.50. For more information, head to the Modibodi website.

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