Pulse, Tone, and Strengthen Your Abs and Butt With This 15-Minute Pilates Workout

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When I don’t have a ton of time for a workout (which is . . . most of the time), I love doing a quick ab and glute routine. For one thing, it doesn’t take long to work up a burn in these muscles – just a few sets of bodyweight moves will usually do. And for another, these muscle groups key for your overall health and functional fitness. Your core (which includes your abdominal muscles and glutes) provides support for your spine, so making sure it stays strong and stable, can help you avoid injuries and back pain.

With all that said, this 15-minute abs and butt Pilates workout is right up my alley. Created by Core Club founder and Lagree Fitness-certified Pilates instructor Amanda Kassar, this all-bodyweight workout is meant to get your whole body moving, Kassar told POPSUGAR, while isolating specific muscle groups to tone and strengthen. It’s also low-impact, which is helpful if you’re short on space, coming back from injury, or looking to take it easy on your joints.

So, ready to work your abs and glutes? Grab a mat (or find some comfortable floor) and check out Kassar’s full, 15-minute Pilates workout ahead.

15-Minute Pilates Ab and Butt Workout

Equipment needed: yoga mat or comfortable floor.

Directions: Start with the following warmup, then begin the core routine, doing one round of the set below. Kassar recommends gently stretching your abs as a short rest between exercises. After the last abs exercise, move on to the glute circuit, repeating each exercise 20 times with ten pulses at the top. Do three sets of the first move, take a short rest, then do three sets of the second move. Follow with the short cooldown below to stretch your back and hips. Keep reading for step-by-step instructions for each move.


  • 15-second plank hold to Downward Dog: 10 reps

Core Circuit:

  • Pilates hundreds: one set of 100 pumps
  • Double leg stretch: 10 reps
  • Alternating leg stretch: 10 reps on each leg, alternating legs
  • Twisted crunch: one minute, alternating left and right
  • Leg lift: one minute

Glute Circuit:

  • Clam: three sets of 20 reps, 10 pulses at the top after each rep
  • Bridge: three sets of 20 reps, 10 pulses at the top after each rep


  • Knees to chest stretch: hold for 20 seconds, or as long as feels good
  • Figure-four hip stretch: 20 seconds each side, or as long as feels good
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