Qendo Is the Free App That Lets You Track Symptoms of Endometriosis, PCOS and Pelvic Pain

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March is Endometriosis Awareness Month. If you’re new to the world of endometriosis, it’s a condition where the tissue that lines your uterus also grows in other parts of the body. This gynecological condition can be extremely painful, lead to fertility problems and in some cases, bind pelvic organs together.

Endometriosis symptoms can vary greatly from person to person, which is why it often takes seven to 12 years to be diagnosed with the disease. In a mission to support anyone affected by endo, as well as adenomyosis, PCOS or pelvic pain, the Qendo app was born.

While conditions like endo are believed to affect roughly one in 10 people who currently or previously have had a uterus, there’s still not a lot known publicly about the disease, which is why resources like Qendo are much-needed. What started as a support service in Queensland in 1988, has now turned into today’s app, which supports people endometriosis, adenomyosis, PCOS or infertility across Australia.

The app, which you can download for free, allows you to track, journal and organise what is going on in order to better understand your health. For example, the customisable platform allows you to track your menstrual cycle, the amount you exercise, what food you eat as well as your alcohol intake, how you feel and any possible triggers.

“The app is designed to allow you to track the myriad of symptoms that come with endometriosis, adenomyosis, PCOS, infertility and pelvic pain, as well as any other health conditions you may have,” reads the Qendo website.

“Symptoms you can track span both physical and emotional health. Yes, you can track pain, bleeding, bowel and bladder function, headaches, bloating or acne, to name a few; but you can also track stress, energy levels, mental clarity, mood, depression and anxiety.”

You can also log information like a diagnosis, your medical history and any recent scans, reports or medications you might be taking. Going beyond the science of a period tracking app, Qendo also allows you to communicate with your healthcare team much easier. It can often be hard to remember a lot of information when you’re juggling a chronic illness, so logging everything digitally makes it easier to call up when you next speak to your doctor.

“Having a chronic illness can be hard work, that’s why having this information in one location can be beneficial for reducing the mental labour associated with illness and communicating the sometimes hefty amount of information you’ve accumulated to your health team,” says Qendo.

In the app, you can actually add team members to your profile, which allows the to view the information you log. These team members can be anyone from friends and family to your partner or clinicians.

Whether or not you experience a chronic pelvic illness, an app like Qendo is a priceless resource for people around the country. To download the app for iOS and Android, click here or head to your app store.

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