This 10-Minute Abs and Butt Workout Will Leave You the Best Kind of Sore

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If all you have is 10 minutes, and all you want to do is work your core and glutes, then look no further. This quick, 10-minute abs and butt workout has your name all over it.

Created by AFLCA-certified personal trainer Cindy Yu, this routine focuses on strengthening your glutes and core in a fast and efficient way. And while these muscles are often targeted for aesthetic reasons, Yu tells POPSUGAR the benefits go way beyond that. “Having strong glutes will help strengthen your entire posterior chain,” aka the muscles along the back of your body, she says. Strengthening your core, meanwhile, can help with stability, balance, injury prevention, and even pain reduction in everyday activities.

This abs and butt workout contains just five moves, and Yu offers advanced and modified versions for each one, so you can tailor it to your abilities. Ready to get to work? Check out the full core and glutes workout below.

10-Minute Abs and Butt Workout

Directions: Warm up with these dynamic warmup exercises or two to three minutes of light cardio, such as jogging, jumping jacks, marching in place, or skipping. Then begin the workout, doing 30 seconds of each move and completing as many reps as you can with proper form within that time. Once you finish the first exercise, go straight to the second with no rest in between, if possible. (If you’re new to this style of training, feel free to rest as needed between moves.) Once you’ve completed the fifth exercise, rest for 30 seconds. Then begin the circuit again, repeating for four rounds total.

After the fourth round, do a brief cooldown routine or stretch.

Exercise Time
Plank with leg lift 30 seconds
Bear pose glute squeeze 30 seconds
Glute bridge with alternating leg lift and crunch 30 seconds
Crunch hold with leg lift 30 seconds
Hip raise heel lift abduction 30 seconds

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