Body Goals Breakdown: Why One Workout Doesn’t Have the Same Results for Everyone

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Staying committed to your fitness routine can be a struggle when you’re not seeing the results you want (or have worked so hard for)! 

It’s even more challenging when the person next to you achieves the results you’re wanting from the exact same workout you’re doing. But everybody really is different, which is why the same exercise may not have the same results for you. 

We all lose fat, build muscle and improve fitness at different rates due to a range of factors. These include genetics, medical conditions, metabolism, lifestyle, job, body composition and age. 

Many of these are simply beyond our control, so let’s take the pressure off and explore how these factors can influence results and why there’s no one size fits all workout: 


Due to our individual genetics, different physiques will respond differently to the same exercise. In fact, research has shown that people respond differently to exercise on a biological basis and genetics impact a person’s tendency to live an active or sedentary lifestyle. 

Genetics are estimated to be responsible for between 15-60 percent of our unique physical activity related traits and it goes without saying that this definitely comes into play when setting goals and measuring results (particularly when it comes to cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength).


Lifestyle factors can impact how quickly you see results from your workouts. If you hit the gym regularly, but otherwise live a sedentary lifestyle and eat unhealthy foods frequently, chances are you’re undoing all your hard work. 

Following a healthy diet and living an active lifestyle will help you see results faster because you’re following through on your efforts in the gym with a well-rounded approach to your overall health.


Stress can impact your health in so many ways. Living a high-stress lifestyle can cause inflammation and hormonal imbalances in your body, meaning your results and progress in the gym will suffer. 

Finding ways to reduce stress such as trying a yoga class with a free five day trial at Fitness First will help to manage health and see you reach your fitness goals faster.


Although your metabolism has strong genetic influences, your nutrition and metabolism play a significant role in influencing how quickly you see results from your workouts.

If you’re not eating enough protein, you might not see muscle gains and improvements in strength as quickly. If you’re neglecting carbs or fat, you might not be getting enough nutrients or energy to fuel your body in your training, therefore impacting your performance in the gym.

And if you’re restricting calories, your body will actually hold onto fat because it is convinced you’re starving it. This can really influence your results! Restricting calories is unhealthy, and will inevitably slow down your performance and progress.

Following a balanced diet rich in whole foods from each key food group (fats, protein, carbohydrates) is essential to see results after working out.

The luck of the draw…

While most people expect that they will see the same results as their workout buddy, in reality, you will both experience different stages of progression as you work towards your fitness goals. 

A study analysing the results of twins showed that physical responses to the same workout routine can be very individualised. In some cases, months of running resulted in one twin improving their aerobic fitness significantly, while the other’s barely changed.

So don’t get down on yourself if it takes you a little longer than the person next to you to achieve your goals!

Now that we know all of this, let’s consider the idea of “body goals” that is rife on social media. The “body goals” you set for yourself sometimes simply aren’t realistic or achievable for YOUR body! It’s important to consider what is healthy for YOU. 

Some bodies are healthy at a size 12, and to be anything less would require them to live an unhealthy lifestyle, while other bodies thrive at a size 8. So defining your “body goals” based on how others look is a big no go. It can breed disappointment and negative self-talk. 

Instead, put yourself first and appreciate your body for what it does for you — because every body is beautiful and unique. Your fitness routine is designed to help you feel healthy and amazing, and this should be your number one priority.

Try to keep a relaxed attitude and enjoy your journey, it’s not a race to the finish line. It’s a lifestyle change, where you learn to put yourself first in a way you actually enjoy! Consistency, not speed, is key. Love your body, and it will love you back.

Sign up for a free five day trial at your nearest Fitness First club today to find what works for YOU!

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