The Baby Yoda Xbox Controller With a Matching Jacket “Is the Way”

The Grogu Xbox controller and Mandalorian Xbox Series X.

Season 3 of “The Mandalorian” started last night, bringing the count of shows starring Pedro Pascal as a gruff father figure to a loveable rascal to a total of two. Which isn’t that many, but it’s weird that they’re streaming at the same time. To celebrate the return of our favourite space daddy and Baby Yoda (sorry, Grogu), Microsoft has released a limited edition Xbox Series X and Series S. The real star here, though, is the custom Grogu Xbox contoller that comes with a matching hoodie like he wears in the show.

A Grogu Xbox controller with matching hoodie! Yes, you read that right.

Werner Herzog's "I would like to see the baby" meme from The Mandalorian.

Totally understandable, here you go!

The Grogu Xbox controller next to The Mandalorian Xbox Series X and Series S consoles.

Admittedly, the consoles look very nice. The Series X features a black and white artwork of Din standing against the moon, while the Series S gets a green skin with Grogu under the vent. But let’s be real: we’re here for the Grogu Xbox controller, right? Enhance!

The Grogu Xbox controller wearing a matching jacket.

The similarities are chilling, TBH.

Grogu wearing a jacket in The Mandalorian.

Is it practical? Absolutely not. There’s literally no way to use the controller when it’s wearing the jacket, and out of the jacket it’s just a plain green controller. But is it cute? Undoubtedly, and it will look great in your gaming setup, too.

Unfortunately, the Grogu Xbox controller isn’t for sale (nor is the Mandalorian Xbox) and your only chance to get it is to enter Microsoft’s competition by retweeting this post.

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