Giddy Up, Horse Girlies! Here Are the Cheapest Copies Of Emerald Valley Ranch In Australia

A girl hugging a white and black horse in Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch.
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Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch is an “equestrian open-world adventure game” where you tame, breed and bond with horses while restoring a run-down ranch. It’s releasing on November 3 for PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, and we’ve found the cheapest copies you can buy in Australia.

Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch Cheapest Copies In Australia

Because it’s a smaller title, there aren’t many pre-order options (so far, at least). Big W has the cheapest copy for PS5 and PS4 at $69, while the cheapest copy for Switch is from JB Hi-Fi at $79. PC players can order it on Steam, but there’s no price listed yet.

Buy Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch on PC

It will be a Steam exclusive at launch, and while the price is currently TBD, you can wishlist it here.

Buy Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch on PS5

Big W: $69

JB Hi-Fi: $79

Buy Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch on PS4

Big W: $69

JB Hi-Fi: $79

EB Games: $79.95

Buy Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch on Switch

JB Hi-Fi: $79

EB Games: $79.95

What Is the Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch Release Date?

You might notice these retailers have a December 31 release date listed, but the new gameplay trailer confirms Emerald Valley Ranch will come out on November 3. It’s unlikely that Australians will get the game almost two months late — what’s more likely is that this is a placeholder date and will soon be updated to November 3.

Where Can I Watch This Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch Gameplay Trailer?

Right here!

Bring on the Horse Girl Game renaissance! Emerald Valley Ranch looks like a super chill game that lets you customise your horses, rider and stables. The open world also looks way larger than you might expect, with colourful lakes, beaches, forests and flower fields to explore on horseback, and we can’t wait to jump in and start living our best lives.

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