Multiplayer Wordle Exists So You Can Finally Play With Your Friends

A screenshot of Squabble, the multiplayer Wordle battle royale.
Squabble / Ottomated

Well, they’ve done it. They’ve made a multiplayer Wordle. Eighteen-year-old developer Ottomated created a Wordle battle royale called Squabble so you and your friends can discover who’s the most skilled wordsmith in real time.

The rules of Squabble are simple: you have six attempts to spell a five-letter word, and are told when a letter is correct and in the right spot by a green square, or correct but in the wrong spot by a yellow square. You deal damage to other players when you guess correctly; however, you take damage when you guess a word incorrectly. To add another challenge, you also take damage every second until you solve the word. Everyone’s attempting to spell the same word at the same time — to win Squabble, you need to keep guessing words until you’re the last one standing.

There are two game modes in Squabble: Blitz and Squabble Royale. The rules for both are the same, but Blitz mode puts you in a game with up to four other players, so it’s great for when you want to challenge your friends. You can create a game and send the lobby code to whoever you want to play with, and when everyone’s in the lobby you can start the game.

Squabble Royale, on the other hand, puts you in a game with up to 99 other players. It’s true battle royale carnage. Again, you can create a game or find a random game to test your skills against strangers on the internet.

Squabble is currently in beta and Ottomated already has plans for the game’s future. Better mobile and tablet support is coming soon, as well as a solo mode that we can only assume will be like regular Wordle but with damage, healing and a time limit. It also sounds like ranked play is coming to Squabble, meaning there’ll soon be a way to prove how good you are at Wordle once and for all.

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