The New PS5 Is Available In Australia Right Now and It’s Not as Expensive As You’d Expect

Close up of the PS5.
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Two new-and-improved PS5 consoles have landed in stores, and they’re currently only available in Australia. First spotted by Press Start, the 2022 models of the PS5 disc edition and PS5 digital have arrived at retailers like EB Games, Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi.

The biggest difference in the new PS5 comes down to weight — they’re both much lighter than the previous consoles, with the PS5 disc edition now weighing 3.9kg and the PS5 digital coming in at 3.4kg. That means the new PS5 disc edition is even lighter than the original PS5 digital console was at launch.

Sony hasn’t revealed how they made the new PS5 lighter, but it’s probably because of new internal parts. The company has been making incremental changes to the PS5 since launch — the 2021 model added a lighter heatsink and a new base design. The improvements to the 2022 model PS5 are similarly small but should go a surprisingly long way in making it more efficient and convenient.

The new PS5 is already on sale in Australia, so if you’re lucky enough to pick one up in a sale any time soon, you’ll probably be taking it home. You’ll know if the box has CFI-1202A (for the disc) or CFI-1202B (for the digital) printed on it.

As for what you’ll be paying, the console recently went up by $50 in Australia, but there’s no additional increase on the new PS5 price. You’ll still be paying $799.95 for the PS5 disc edition and $649.95 for the PS5 digital edition.

Despite the price hike, Sony is still committed to making the PS5 easier to buy. A post on the PlayStation Blog reaffirmed that “our top priority continues to be improving the PS5 supply situation so that as many players as possible can experience everything that PS5 offers and what’s still to come.” It’s possible the changes to the new PS5 will help with this, in which case they’d be very welcome changes!

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