Your PlayStation Wrap-Up Report Has Officially Landed, So Here’s How to Get Yours

Just like Spotify Wrapped reveals our recent music habits, the annual PlayStation Wrap-Up report celebrates our gaming achievements (and obsessions) from the past year. The 2021 report includes stats for the games you played, the trophies you earned, which games you played online and your total playtime on PS4 and PS5 titles. Depending on the hours you racked up, that might be a good stat or one you’d rather ignore. No shame.

You can also see stats that have been achieved collectively by PlayStation players around the world. There are some trends emerging already, like the percentage of players who met Kit in Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart and the total number of deliveries made in Death Stranding Director’s Cut.

How to Access Your 2021 PlayStation Wrap-Up Report

Visit the PlayStation Wrap-Up page here and sign in using your Sony account details. You’ll be taken straight to your report, where you can “Take a look back to see what game worlds you spent the most time in and what type of gamer you were.”

If you’re having trouble accessing your report, it might be due to a few things. To access your report, you’ll need to have played games on a PS4 or PS5 for at least 10 hours in 2021, and consented to the collection of “Full Data” from your console’s system settings.

How to Solve the “Pick the Mouse That Can’t Reach the Cheese” Captcha

There’s another reason some users are having trouble accessing their report, and it’s very funny. Some players are being asked to complete a captcha to verify their login, but instead of the usual method of selecting squares with pictures of traffic lights or typing out a random string of letters, the PlayStation Wrap-Up captcha asks people to “pick the mouse the can’t reach the cheese”.

These unlucky users are presented with six squares, all filled with images of a mouse in a maze, with a wedge of cheese at one end. To solve the captcha, they have to work out which maze is unsolvable. That’s easy enough, but some players are being asked to do this dozens of times.

While this is definitely an unreasonable system, and unfortunate for every player who gets stuck just trying to login, it’s also extremely funny that some players are being thwarted by a mouse and cheese.

If you’re cursed with the mouse and cheese captcha, it is possible to solve it enough times that you get in. Alternatively, you can back out of the login attempt and hope you get an easier captcha when you try again.

You PlayStation Wrap-Up report is available until February 20. Hopefully Sony replaces the captcha before then.

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