The Best (and Most Adorable) Reactions to Stray

A framed photo of the cat from Stray, from a tweet by @BT_BlackThunder.
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Stray has officially arrived, and the early reactions are just as wholesome as to be expected. The game that lets you play as a feline adventurer is a hit with cat lovers and gamers alike — and it’s even captured the attention of real cats.

The early Stray gameplay reactions share a few similarities: people are delighted by how many ways the game lets you play as a cat. Not just running around in a cat’s body, but indulging in some classic feline behaviour. There’s a dedicated meow button, tapping the left and right triggers let you scratch the wall, you can knock bottles over and walk across a keyboard, typing a random string of letters on a screen in the process. It’s the kind of naughty behaviour anyone who’s lived with a cat will recognise, and there’s a perverse pleasure in it.

But Stray is more than just a cat simulator or a gimmick game. The story, although short — it will take you around eight hours to finish it, or 10 hours maximum to 100% it — is being praised for its subtle but effective storytelling, and the city around you feels as realistic as you can get in a game.

Even the way your kitty moves when it’s not being naughty adds to the sense of inhabiting the world. Stray is full of platformer puzzles that you complete by climbing and leaping, occasionally pausing to do that wonderful wind up motion cats do before they pounce, or chirping when you land.

There are a handful of sequences where you have tense encounters with Zurks, vicious swarms of robots that will hunt anything that gets too close. But beyond running from the Zurks, there’s no combat in Stray. Compared to other major releases this year like Elden Ring and Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, Stray focuses on peaceful exploration. The outpouring of love the game has already received proves that people are hungry for more experiences like this. Defeating a boss twice your size after learning their move set is satisfying as hell, but there’s something to be said for a game that acknowledges not all adventures are violent.

So it’s no surprise that people have been sharing their reactions to Stray online with pictures of their own cats and lots memes. Let’s get into it!

Here Are the Best Stray Reactions So Far

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