The Last of Us Part 1 Gets an Incredible 7-Minute Gameplay Video

Joel, Bill and Ellie in the school in The Last of Us Part 1 gameplay video.
Naughty Dog

Ahead of its release this Friday, The Last of Us Part 1 just debuted a lengthy gameplay clip set during the fourth chapter, “Bills Town”.

We’ve seen a bit of gameplay before this in leaks and trailers, but this is the longest unedited video from the game we’ve seen so far. It’s also the best official look at the game we’ve been treated to. Thanks, Naughty Dog!

The clip is from fairly early on in the game and doesn’t contain any major spoilers, so it’s safe to watch even if you’ve never played before. It’s seven minutes of uncut footage of Joel, Ellie and Bill fighting through a hoard of infected to reach the school, where they hope to find a car battery they can use to drive to meet Joel’s brother, Tommy.

Joel silently takes out a few infected with his bow and a knife before all hell breaks loose. The game’s systems designer, Andrew Frost, used the clip to tease their improved enemy AI, which we get a great look at when the infected swarm Joel: “Notice crawling infected, seamless clicker frenzy, bloater charging, updated bloater armour.”

The clip ends with the fight against the Bloater, an incredibly strong and armoured kind of infected that acts as the first boss in the game. You’ll need to use every tool in your arsenal to take it down, especially in the Part 1 remake.

If you’ve played the original The Last of Us or the PS4 remaster, you’ll notice that the story shown in the clip is the same, but the graphics and the gameplay look so much better. The Part 1 PS5 remake also makes use of DualSense controller features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers and adds more than 90 accessibility features and options. The Last of Us Part 1 is being sold as the definitive way to experience Joel and Ellie’s story, and this video makes it pretty clear why.

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