Here Are the Cheapest Copies of Summer Camp Horror Game The Quarry

Artwork for The Quarry, showing the nine playable characters sitting around a campfire. The ominous shadow of a man standing against the full moon is above them, and they're surrounded by forest.
Supermassive Games

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The new interactive horror game from Supermassive Games is almost here! The Quarry releases on June 10 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC, and drops you into a nightmare where every choice you make, big or small, shapes the story and determines who survives the night.

In our hands-on preview, we called The Quarry a fun and ambitious game that balances horror with moments of joy and desire. The spiritual successor to Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology, The Quarry sticks to the formula that Supermassive developed in their previous games — if you’ve played them, The Quarry won’t feel like a totally new experience. But it does improve on what made them great, and the result is a beautiful game with a story that twists and turns based on your decisions and how you react to the frights along the way.

What’s Included In The Quarry Deluxe Edition

The Quarry will be available in two offerings: the standard and deluxe editions. The standard edition gets you the game, but if you pre-order by June 10 you’ll also get the Horror History Visual Filter Pack. This lets you apply a cinematic filter to the game that replicates either indie horror, ’80s horror or classic black and white horror movies.

The deluxe edition of The Quarry gets you the game plus a host of in-game extras including the Gorefest Movie Mode option, which essentially turns the game into an animated horror movie — you just sit back and watch the most splatter-filled version of the game’s story play out in front of you. Here’s everything that’s included in The Quarry deluxe edition:

  • The Quarry game
  • Gorefest option in Movie Mode
  • Instant access to Death Rewind system — this is normally unlocked after your first completion of The Quarry, and gives you three opportunities to reverse major decisions
  • Horror History Visual Filter Pack
  • ’80s Throwback character outfits — this retro pack includes new ’80s-inspired cosmetics for the nine playable characters in The Quarry.

Additionally, the PlayStation and Xbox deluxe editions include the current-gen and next-gen versions of the game. That means if you buy it for PS4 but upgrade to a PS5 in the future, you won’t have to purchase it again.

Now that you’ve decided which edition you want to add to your collection, the next question is where you’re going to get it from. We’ve collected every deal on The Quarry so you can play it without paying top dollar. Bring on the spooks!

The Quarry Cheapest Copies in Australia

The deluxe edition is only available as a digital download, which narrows the list of places it’s available from. The only outlier is Green Man Gaming, which has the deluxe edition on PC for much cheaper at just over $92.

PlayStation Store (PS4 and PS5): $129.95

Xbox Store (Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One): $129.95

The Humble Store (PC): $109.95

You have more choice when it comes to the standard edition, with retailers offering their own discounts on the physical and digital copies of game.

Amazon Australia: PS5: $80.90 | PS4: $74.90 | Xbox Series X: $80.90 | Xbox One: $74.90

The Humble Store (digital): PC: $89.95

PlayStation Store (digital): PS5 $109.95 | PS4: $99.95

Xbox Store (digital): Xbox Series X: $109.95 | Xbox One: $99.95

JB Hi-Fi: PS5: $99 | PS4: $89 | Xbox Series X: $99 | Xbox One: $89

The Gamesmen: PS5: $98 | PS4: $79.95 | Xbox Series X: $98 | Xbox One: $79.95

EB Games: PS5: $109.95 | PS4: $99.95 | Xbox Series X: $109.95 | Xbox One: $99.95

Green Man Gaming (digital): PC $75.56

Catch: PS5: $99 | PS4: $89 | Xbox Series X: $99 | Xbox One: $89

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