Valorant Players Are Begging Riot Not to Fix a Hilarious Bug Called “Widejoy”

A screenshot of Killjoy from Valorant, and a tweet from @Envy reading
Riot Games / Twitter @Envy

The next big Valorant update released today, signalling the start of Episode 4, Act 1. The update adds a new agent named Neon, a new Battlepass stacked with goodies, the Protocol skin bundle, and a smattering of map tweaks and bug fixes. Thankfully, not all of the bugs are being fixed in this update, like the one players have affectionately dubbed “Widejoy”.

Widejoy is a bug that causes the Killjoy player card to appear stretched in the kill feed and loading screen. Instead of a nice head shot of the German engineer, players see the image stretched out horizontally, creating a low quality player card that’s at odds with the game’s sleek aesthetic.

Riot Games, Valorant‘s developers, confirmed they haven’t fixed the Widejoy bug in the new update, but that it will be fixed in the next one. Filing it under “Known, yet beloved issues”, the patch notes for the new update say: “We love her too but we’re going to have to fix that banner. But not until Patch 4.01, so have fun!”

Unfortunately for Riot, players took Widejoy into their hearts and now they don’t want to give her up. #KeepWidejoy is trending on Twitter, with players begging Riot to keep the amusing player card, or at least add an official Widejoy spray to replace it.

There’s even a petition to keep Widejoy in the game, which has already amassed almost half of its signature goal. Considering Valorant already has a number of novelty sprays like a cat riding a broomstick, a dabbing penguin and one called “Lobster?” with the question mark, it’s not totally outside the realm of possibility that they’d add an official Widejoy spray to commemorate the bug. Here’s hoping they add that to the next patch notes, or choose mercy and leave our favourite player card in the game.

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