What Is Quordle and How Do You Play It?

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Quordle / Freddie Meyer & Twitter @vvjuicy

There’s a new Wordle spinoff every few days, and the latest one has taken over the internet with a ferocity almost matching the original game. If you spend any time online talking about the daily word game, you’ve probably seen “Quordle” trending. But what is Quordle, and is it worth your time — especially when there are so many other great puzzle games out there? Short answer: yes.

What Is Quordle?

Daily Quordle is the main game mode of Quordle, a Wordle spinoff with a catch. If you’re wondering how to play Quordle, it’s exactly what is sounds like. The aim of Quordle is to solve four Wordles at once — but you have to use the same words to solve them all. When you type a guess in Quordle, you’ll guess that word for all four Wordles. You’ll then get the usual yellow squares (to indicate a letter that’s in the wrong spot) and green squares (when a letter is in the right spot) but they’ll be different for each Wordle.

So if your first guess is “LIONS”, the L might be right in one Wordle but in the wrong spot in another, or not in another at all. It’s a lot more challenging than Wordle because you have to be much more efficient with your guesses. It’s tempting to focus on one word at a time, but you can waste a lot of guesses for the other three words that way. Instead, you should try to guess words that will give you clues for two or more solutions at a time.

Thankfully, you have nine attempts to solve a Quordle, and it’s possible to solve one or more words without solving them all.

How to Play Quordle

The Daily Quordle is the same for everyone, and replicates the feeling of sharing your Wordle result with your friends and on the timeline every day.

But Quordle also has a practice mode, which lets you play as many as you want each day. The rules for both modes are the same, and you can share your results on Twitter just like Wordle.

The game’s creator, Freddie Meyer, says he has no plans to monetise Quordle, so it might be a good game to switch to now that the New York Times has taken over Wordle.

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