Finally! You Can Now Play the Entire Wordle Archive

A screenshot of Wordle Archive, a free website that lets you play old Wordle puzzles.
Wordle Archive / Devang Thakkar

There’s a wonderful sense of solidarity in everyone trying to solve the same Wordle on the same day, but that doesn’t leave room to tackle multiple puzzles one after the other. That’s where Wordle Archive comes in: it lets you solve every old Wordle since the game launched in mid-2021.

The rules are exactly the same as regular Wordle: you have six attempts to spell a five-letter word, and are told when a letter is correct and in the right spot by a green square, or correct but in the wrong spot by a yellow square. The difference is that you can play old Wordles — yep, every single Wordle that gets uploaded to the original website is added to Wordle Archive.

Wordle Archive was made by Devang Thakkar, a computational biology and bioinformatics PhD student. In a Twitter thread explaining his work, Thakkar said he loves Wordle and wanted to make Wordle Archive so you wouldn’t miss out on the fun if you forgot or were busy for a day. It’s also a great way to redeem yourself if you ever fail to solve one of the words.

At the time of writing, there are 232 old Wordles and they’re all available on Wordle Archive. You can play them one by one, choose a specific day or select a random day. The site tracks your score and you can share your results using the same coloured squares as the original game — huge news for everyone in a tense competition with their friends to be the best at Wordle.

If not even unlimited Wordle is enough for you, there are plenty of games that challenge your brain in a similar way. We’ve rounded up some of the best puzzle games for people who love Wordle, including the Switch game Murder By Numbers and the super cute Kitty Letter mobile game. Or you could download Wordle so you can play it for free forever, even if it costs money to play in the future.

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