100+ Traditional “Boys Names” That You’ll Love For a Baby Girl

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We’ve reached a spot in society where gender has become more neutral, which honestly allows for creativity and individualism like never before.

When it comes to naming your bub, you may want to give them a name that fits in the gender-neutral category and could be used to identify a female, male, or non-binary person.

Allowing your child the freedom to choose who they want to be and flourish into their identity without any preconceived constraints is truly a gift.

We’ve pulled together 100+ traditional “boys names” that would also suit a girl.

A. August, Austin, Ashton, Avery, Alex, Andy.

B. Bailey, Blair, Blake, Billie, Bobbie, Beau, Bowie,

C. Cameron, Cassidy, Charlie, Corey, Connor, Carson, Channing, Chevy

D. Dawson, Dempsey, Drew, Dylan, Dallas, Dana, Devon.

E. Elliot, Ezra, Evan, Everett, Emerson.

F. Flynn, Frankie.

G. Glenn, Grayson (Gray), Greer.

H. Harlow, Hayes, Hanan, Harley, Hayden, Hendrix, Hunter.

I. Ira.

J. Jamie, Jessie, Jordan, Jude, Jackie, Jesse, Jo, Journey.

K. Kyler, Killian, Kendall, Kyle, Keaton, Keegan, Kelsey, Kennedy, Kieran.

L. Lane, Leighton, Lennon, Leslie, Logan, London, Lou, Lyle, Lane, Landon, Levi.

M. Madison, Mason, Maxwell, Merritt, Murray, Marin, Mickey, Morgan, Montana, Miller.

N. Nevada, Noel, Neil, Noah.

O. Owen, Oakley.

P. Parker, Peyton, Paris, Phoenix, Presley.

Q. Quincy, Quinn.

R. Rain, Reagan, Reed, Reese, Remington, Ricky, Riley, River, Robin, Rory, Rowan, Ryen, Ramsey.

S. Spencer, Sam, Sawyer, Stevie, Sage, Sasha, Sawyer, Scout, Shannon, Shay, Shiloh, Skylar, Sloan, Storm.

T. Tatum, Tanner, Taylor, Tony, Tristan.

U. N/A

V. Viv, Viaan, Vallen.

W. Wesley, Whitney, Winter, Wylie, Winnie.

X. Xion, Xavi, Xen.

Y. N/A

Z. Zion.

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