So Kitsch! Suss These Retro Baby Names for Inspo


Names, much like fashion and culture, go in and out of style, following their own evolution as language continues to change over time.

But some retro names — like the ones you might recognise from a Jane Austen novel or a black and white film — have a regalness about them that can’t be topped. And though they aren’t trendy, they’re solid choices as they’re steeped in history and have a classic sound.

So, if that’s piqued your interest and you’re keen for some inspiration, here are the best retro baby names, worthy of the silver screen…

A. Adelaide, Alice, Arlene, Audrey.

B. Bernadette, Barbara, Beverly, Bernice, Beatrice, Billie, Bonnie, Betty.

C. Carol, Catherine, Clara, Constance.

D. Dolores, Dorothy, Doris, Darlene, Dot, Daisy.

E. Edith, Evelyn, Eleanor, Edna, Eloise, Ethel, Esther, Elsie, Elaine.

F. Frances, Florence.

G. Gabriel, Galen, Garland, Geronimo, Gerard, Gertrude, Gideon, Glennette.

H. Hallie, Hannah, Harper, Harriett, Heath, Henrietta, Herbert.

I. Ida, Imogene, Ines, Isabel.

J. Jacinta, Jane, Jasper, Jeannette, Joaquin.

K. Katerina, Kendall, Kitty, Kurt.

L. Lana, Lauretta, Lavinia, Leonardo, Lewella.

M. Mabel, Magdalena, Marilyn, Mae, Major, Malina, Marceline, Margaret, Mathila, Maude, Matthew.

N. Nancy, Neal, Ned, Netta, Nina, Noah, Nola.

O. Octavia, Odelia, Oliver, Ophelia, Opal, Oscar.

P. Pablo, Pansy, Paschal, Patricia, Paxton, Peggy, Percy, Phillipa.

Q. Quinn, Quinton.

R. Ralph, Randall, Ramona, Rebecca, Rena, Rodney, Roderick, Rose.

S. Sebastian, Sabrina, Sandy, Selena, Selma, Seth.

T. Tabby, Tennessee, Terence, Teresa, Thelma, Theodore, Thomas.

U. Unis, Ursula.

V. Vanessa, Vanity, Velma, Veronica, Victoria, Vienna, Violet.

W. Walker, Walter, Wesley, Whitney, Willa, Wilson, Winnifred.

X. Xavier.

Y. Young, Yancy, Yisdro.

Z. Zachariah, Zebina, Zana.

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