Your Fool-Proof Guide to Getting Through Christmas Single

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Okay, confession: I’m not single. But believe me when I say that I’ve spent way more Christmases single than I have being in a relationship.

I was the kind of single gal during Christmas season that really lent into the dismay of being single. I’d listen to Christmas songs about love while on the train into work and tear up so visibly that one time, an old woman sitting next to me touched me on the shoulder and asked if I was okay.

I’d curl up in bed with a bottle of wine and devour either a tub of ice cream or a pizza (sometimes both) and watch the most romantic Christmas movies that exist so that I could cry ugly tears about being alone.

I took the opportunity to buy myself expensive Christmas presents that had no use other than to make me feel beautiful (sets of luscious lingerie, a designer bag, some sparkly shoes) because you never know when you’re going to meet a true love and you might need to look the part.

Basically, I really indulged in the whole being single over Christmas thing. And while it did have its perks — I still have (and love!) those sparkly shoes — being single over Christmas time wasn’t… my favourite.

It’s silly, really, because why does being single at Christmas particularly suck? It’s like we’re stuck in some time warp during the festive season, when we go back to wanting to be traditional even if usually, we’re a thriving, single, independent boss, who doesn’t need a monogamous relationship to make them feel whole.

Christmas brings out the traditionalists in us all, and it can be tough to be strong and independent all the time.

So, because I consider myself somewhat of an expert at being single over Christmas, I’ve put together a list of all the things you can do if you’re in that situation this festive season. And trust me, they’re all pretty damn fun.

Cry to Christmas Rom-Coms

Crying to a Christmas rom-com is super liberating. The usually cheesy flicks give you a reason (that isn’t your own single-ness) to cry and feel sorry for yourself, without needing an explanation.

My top recommendations are The Holiday, Love Actually and The Family Stone, all to be consumed with at least one alcoholic beverage and your favourite food to order-in. Treat this rom-com session as a date with yourself and your emotions. Try to make your room as pretty as possible, by adding fairy lights or candles, for an extra addition of romance.

Host a Singles Christmas Party

Get all your single friends together (or if you don’t have any, create an event on Facebook or put a call-out on Instagram) and throw a party. It can be two people, it can be 20 people, it can be just you and your speaker.

Make some delicious festive cocktails, dress up in skimpy red glitter outfits and blast Mariah Carey and/or Justin Bieber’s Christmas album and belt along with them until you lose your voice.

And, if you’re feeling up to it, booty call your favourite part-time lover for a Christmas romp and sleigh the night away.

Cook Up a Christmas Storm

Teach yourself how to make shortbread and gift it to all of your friends. This could go with any festive dessert, maybe even mince pies would be cuter? Your friends and fam will think you have your sh*t together and the procrasti-baking will help you forget you’re sad about being single. You can also wrap them all up super cute, with cellophane and pretty festive ribbon.

Also, who said you can’t do cute Christmas activities on your own?

Decorate Your Space

It doesn’t matter if your space is one bedroom in a massive sharehouse, there’s no excuse not to decorate! Trust me, it feels like a lot more work than it actually is and it’s so rewarding.

You can pick up a cute potted Christmas tree from your closest Bunnings, which smells amazing and will turn any room into a festive delight. Simply hang some fairy lights on it and voila! You have a touch of festivities in your space.

Making your own wreath is also super easy. Go to your local florist and pick up a wreath made of sticks and a bunch of native flowers, and feed the natives into the wreath. You can lean your homemade wreath on a shelf in your room, or hang it on your door with a ribbon and an adhesive hook.

I would advise you to listen to Christmas carols while doing any and all Christmas decor-related activities to really help get you in the festive spirit.

Make the Most of It

Despite what you think, you won’t be single forever and one day, you’ll miss being able to blast Justin Bieber and booty call that babe from your past on Christmas Eve.

It’s good to remember that anyone who shames you for being single on Christmas (unfortunately, there tends to always be one person), probably doesn’t truly understand the joys and freedoms that come with being a single person during the horniest season of the year. You don’t need to explain yourself to them.

Being single has no negative reflection on you, and there’s no need to force a relationship because you feel pressure to do so. There’s plenty of time left in life to fall in love, and Christmas will come again.

Buy Yourself a Thoughtful Present, or Ten

Buy yourself something beautiful because you deserve it. Remembering that you can make yourself feel worthy and that actually, self love is the most important love of all, is a really powerful thing.

Take this opportunity to buy something you’ll treasure for years to come, so that every time you look at it, you will be reminded that the best love story is the one you have with yourself.

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