A Celestial Event Not to Be Missed: How to Watch the Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Online

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On May 26, a super blood moon will occur. On this very same night, a lunar eclipse and a flower moon will also take place — talk about a busy night in the sky! This colliding of celestial events means you’ll be able to experience a “super flower blood moon eclipse” which, quite frankly, is wildly special.

This is also the only lunar eclipse taking place in 2021, so if you’re going to tune in to any moon-related event of this year, make it this one. In fact, Qantas has gone as far as organising a one-off flight that allows you to take a closer look at the supermoon, which will also include insights from CSIRO astronomer Dr Vanessa Moss, who will be aboard the flight.

In case this isn’t *quite* possible for you, because, well, not everyone has the time and budget to be flitting off for a flight to nowhere, you can still watch the event in person. But, if the weather isn’t permitting (there’s a chance cloud cover could block your view), there is another way to view the moon in all its beauty.

According to Gizmodo, the European Space Agency (ESA) will be running a live feed of the super blood moon lunar eclipse. While Australia will experience this event at night, the rest of the world will see it during the day, hence why the ESA has called this experience ‘Lunch with the Moon’.

The live stream will be broadcast from the deep space ground station in Western Australia and will include commentary from both Australian and European astronomers as well as scientists, engineers and other experts in the field. The coverage kicks off at 7:30pm AEST on May 26 and will run for three and a half hours. You can watch it for yourself here.

Not only is this an extra special event to watch, but the energy it brings is also one of change. Lunar eclipses herald change that is often unpredictable and can mark a conclusion or turning point in your life. For others, something small that has been brewing in the background could spark into something much bigger. Be prepared for surprises, shocks and revelations coming to the surface around this event. Good luck!

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