Here’s How to Do the “Who Are You in Love With” Trend That’s Taking Over Instagram

Instagram user astrida_03

It goes without saying that we’re grateful for the ones we love, but this Instagram trend is proving it in a sweet way. Whether it’s a pet, your partner, a BFF, or a celebrity crush, this nifty “Who Are You in Love With” trend requires nothing more than an IG story of your person (or pet) using the sticker “Who Are You in Love With.” Easy enough, right? Well, kind of . . . there’s a catch. The sticker used in the trend doesn’t belong with all the other Instagram story stickers and was invented by a user of its platform (in other words, it’s going to take some digging to get it). Created by @astrida_03, you have to head to her profile in order to use this famous sticker on your story – here’s how:

How to Do the “Who Are You in Love With” Instagram Trend

  1. Go to @astrida_03’s Instagram profile.
  2. Select her “addyoursticker” highlight.
  3. Click through to the “Who Are You in Love With” highlight (12th highlight in).
  4. Tap Add Yours to add the sticker to your Instagram story.
  5. Finally, add a picture of you and a loved one.

That’s it! Show off your love and gratitude for that special someone by capsizing on this fun trend; we guarantee it’ll make your love blush (pets included).

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