The New Moon in Cancer Means One Thing: It’s Time to Get Manifesting

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It’s that time again! A new moon is happening on July 10, and as with every new moon, it gives you the perfect opportunity to get manifesting. This month’s new moon is taking place in Cancer and, if the energy is used correctly, you may be able to enact important changes in your life that will benefit you long after this moon cycle is over.

Now is the time to make plans — both little and big — for your future. Look at the ways you might want to change your current day-to-day, be it related to jobs, your home or relationships. “Take some time to bless your nest as la luna turns up on the homespun vibes,” the AstroTwins recommends. “Need a little work/life balance? Put more focus on the personal near July 10 and you may find that career stress dissolves as a matter of course.”

The next few days are a great time to clear any clutter from your home and give it a good clean. Cancers are homebodies, so use this energy to really get your space in order. Donate any objects that no longer serve you and create an environment that is clean and clear, so you can get to manifesting. When you sit down to your manifesting practice, utilise the emotional energy of the sign of the Crab.

As you tidy your space, you should hopefully experience a clearer mind that will help you pinpoint your intentions for this new moon and beyond. According to Elite Daily, “new moons are potent opportunities to start something important. At this point of the lunar cycle, the moon — ruler of your subconscious self — will form a conjunction with the sun — ruler of your conscious self — and as these two luminaries join forces, your inner world and your outer world are encouraged to align. Take this moment to truly identify what it is that you want and what it is that you don’t want.”

While you might not notice things changing instantly off the back of this new moon manifestation, know that what you’ve put into motion now will blossom in the coming weeks and months. So, get manifesting friends!

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