The Ultimate Way to Remember a Wedding, Birthday or Other Milestone? Permanent Jewellery

Orbit Bloom

As special as memories themselves can be, it’s nice to have physical reminders of them. This can be in the form of printed photos, souvenirs from travel destinations or even permanent jewellery.

That was the train of thought of Katie Skelly and her partner of 10 years Gilbert Walden. Having shared a decade of memories together, the two wanted to find a way to immortalise shared experiences and ensure happy moments could always be remembered.

And so, together they set up Orbit Bloom, a first-of-its-kind permanent jewellery experience in Australia. Though there are stores where you can be fitted with permanent jewellery, this is currently the only mobile service you can book for private events. It can be set up at weddings, events or any other milestone moments, giving guests the opportunity to be reminded of the day in the form of a permanent bracelet.

“As a sentimental person, I’ve always looked to my jewellery as symbolic of the moments they were gifted or purchased in,” says Skelly. “To me, jewellery isn’t an accessory, but a beautiful way of carrying love around on my person.”

The way it works is that guests at an event are presented with a selection of 10 different styles of bracelet chains they can choose from. They’re then fitted to a chain length they like, before it’s welded closed in an instant, no torch ‘blooming’ process.

The chain is then polished, and they’re done with the chain able to last on their wrist for as long as they want it there. However, if you do need to be able to remove your jewellery for some reason, the duo can also create custom-fit bracelets with clasps that are made to measure and welded on the spot.

All chains from the collection are either 14k gold-filled, tarnish-resistant, hypoallergenic and free of irritants or made from 925 sterling silver. They’re hard-wearing, light-weight, water-resistant and, importantly for those who travel frequently, delicate enough to get you through airport security without trouble.

“While those looking for subtlety will love our dainty styles, we also have bolder pieces to suit those a little more daring,” says Skelly.

Orbit Bloom packages are determined based on location, chain selection and the number of guests taking part. Walden and Skelly work with clients to land on an experience that meets their means and expectations.

“In some cases, we even work with our clients to create bespoke charms,” says Walden. “Your memories are personal, so our experience is too.”

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