Where This Melbourne-Based Fitness Trainer Goes to Chill Out

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Inner Studio

From mineral-enriched hot pools on the city outskirts to sanctuaries in residential suburbs, Melbourne’s wellness scene is booming. Megan Waters, a Melbourne-based fitness professional and Nike Well Collective trainer considers herself spoilt for choice with the city’s wellness spaces.

“I’ve noticed over the last few years, in particular, a huge spike in the demand for spaces that offer rest and recovery services,” says Waters. “There is so much variety [of wellness spaces] in Melbourne, and such a wide-ranging offering of services, from basic recovery centres to boujee spas.”

Ahead are four places Waters recommends you go to relax in and around Melbourne. From a sauna and plunge pool studio where she can spend an entire afternoon, to a place where you can find her teaching breathwork, these are her favourite Melbourne wellness centres.

Inner Studio, Collingwood

“One of my all-time favourite spots to unwind in Melbourne is Inner Studios in Collingwood. I like to book myself into their one-hour plunge and sauna session, usually on a Sunday as part of my rest day rituals. I love doing 15 minutes in the sauna, into a three-minute cold plunge into about 10 minutes in the heated plunge and repeat that approximately 3 times in an hour. You always walk out feeling amazing. 

“They use hormetic stress conditioning through breathwork, hot and cold exposure to build resilient individuals. Hormetic stress is a term used to describe healthy stress, the sweet spot between too much stress and not enough stress. By exposing the mind, body and nervous system to extreme environments in a controlled setting, we build resilience to general stress. This allows us to live a happier and more purposeful life.” 

Alba Thermal Springs and Spa, Fingal

“Another gorgeous spot I have visited recently is Alba Thermal Springs and Spa on the Mornington Peninsula. It’s just over an hour’s drive out of the city but it’s a blissful and worthwhile experience if you want to switch off and reset. It’s also a great gift idea. I purchased a day pass for myself, my mum and our sister, and it was a special experience to share. Indulge in the indoor and outdoor thermal pools or renew and recalibrate with a treatment in their spa.”

The Breath Haus, Richmond

The Breath Haus is an incredible sensory studio dedicated to the practice of breathwork. I work here as a breathwork facilitator and it truly is the most magical place. You walk through the doors and the scent of incense immediately activates your sense of smell and has an instant calming effect. 

“The abstract colours projected onto the walls are so mesmerising and they play a big role in helping you feel centred and grounded in this space. it’s one of my favourite places to disconnect to reconnect for an hour of the day.”

Sum Of Us, Prahan

“Although I am yet to tick Sum Of Us off the list of places I have visited, it is very, very high on my agenda of spots I’d like to visit, sooner rather than later. They offer wellness services like massage, myotherapy, clinical Pilates and naturopathy. It’s like an all-encompassing well-being hub and its interior looks to die for.” 

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