Here's How Aspects in Your Birth Chart Play a Large Role in Your Day-to-Day Life

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Between astrological events and breaking down birth charts, it appears that astrology is all the rage right now. Knowing the basics of each planet in our birth chart can give us insight into our personality, emotional responses, and communication style. If you’re looking to sharpen your celestial skills and dive deep into the realm of astrology, you may want to know what aspects are and what that means for you. POPSUGAR spoke to Jordane Maree, astrologer, writer, and founder of Girl and Her Moon, to understand how aspects play a role in your birth chart.

What Are Aspects in Astrology?

Simply put, aspects refer to the angles the planets create in your birth chart. These in turn work together to form a relationship with each other. The five major aspects are conjunction, sextile, square, trine, and opposition. Each planet has a celestial personality, and depending on which planets are at play and what angles they create, these planets can have a neutral, harmonious, or tense relationship. When it comes to your birth chart, aspects can reveal different parts in your life where you either thrive or experience tension.

“The aspects within our birth chart can illuminate areas of ease and abundance in our lives where we feel like luck is on our side,” Maree told POPSUGAR. “They can also help us bridge the link between some of the more difficult experiences we each move through. Having this awareness allows us to take the steps towards working in harmony with our unique blueprint. It allows for not just self-acceptance, but also healing and thriving.”


In your birth chart, a conjunction appears when more than two planets are 0 degrees away from each other in the same zodiac sign, blending the “personality” traits of these planets. “Whether this is a more beneficial or difficult aspect is dependent upon what planets are together,” Maree said. “Naturally, some planets are at greater ease with some more than others.”


Sextile is a positive aspect that refers to when planets are 60 degrees apart and create a harmonious and supportive relationship between the zodiac signs. While not as active or visible as other aspects, it’s still a breezy connection.

“Where we find sextiles in our chart are very likely areas of ourselves that we already acknowledge and appreciate,” Maree told POPSUGAR. “Working with your sextile aspects can allow you to sharpen the gifts you already have.”


Square aspects occur when two planets are 90 degrees apart. This aspect indicates tension and a problematic relationship between the planet and the sign it’s stationed in. This is a loud and proud aspect, meaning it can manifest itself in visible ways.

“Squares create tension in an attempt to encourage us into action, just like lighting a fire under someone’s rear end,” Maree explained. “They are often more difficult to work with when we are younger, but ultimately show us where we can experience an abundance of growth, if we choose.”


Trine aspects are auspicious and full of fortune. This relationship happens when two planets are 120 degrees apart, creating a smooth connection between each other. This favorable aspect typically occurs in signs within the same zodiac element (fire, water, air, and earth).

“A trine shows you where you experience beautiful luck, where you naturally receive blessings, and where life seems to just flow,” Maree told POPSUGAR. “Here, the planets support and enhance the positive qualities of one another.”


Opposition aspects happen when planets are 180 degrees apart or stationed directly across from another planet in the zodiac wheel. Because these planets have conflicting motivations or personalities, this aspect implies that these planets are at odds with each other.

“This energy is asking us to balance opposites and get comfortable with polarity,” Maree explained. “It can find us swinging from one opposite to the other. But when we learn to work with it, it helps us to see both sides of the coin and fosters brilliant insight into situations.”

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