Yes, Your Crystals Can Break — The Reason Why Is Actually Pretty Cool

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Despite their structure, crystals are breakable. In fact, it’s pretty common for crystals to break, splinter or crack, especially if they are being used regularly. While it might feel a little disappointing when your favourite healing crystal breaks, the reason behind it is actually pretty cool.

There are two schools of thought around crystal breakages. The first — and most common — is that you simply don’t need the energy of that crystal in your life any longer. As Moon Body Soul says, “It’s a sign that you have worked through a phase of your life’s journey. The stone, which has represented that aspect of your journey is following the natural cycle of life ~ birth, life, death ~ and eventually, rebirth.”

When you use crystals in a healing capacity, you select the crystal based on what you want to target. For example, you might reach for rose quartz when you need to re-balance your feelings and bring calm to your mind. If you’re struggling with positivity or gratitude, carrying around a little chunk of citrine is the way to go.

When you suddenly lose your crystal, or it breaks, it means that a shift has taken place and you no longer need the energy that crystal provides. It’s actually a positive sign that whatever you’re working through is starting to take effect.

The second idea around broken or cracked crystals is to encourage you to seek a deeper message or meaning. Moon Body Soul recommends pondering the following questions: “Is it possible you overcharged your crystal? Revisit how you’ve used it and what power you have given it in your life. Is the intention you set for the stone authentic and in alignment with your highest good? Don’t fret over it too much, but if you do break a stone, sit with it for a moment energetically and see what comes up for you.”

While there’s not much to be done about a lost crystal, there are a few things you can do with your cracked or broken crystals. If the crystal is still in pretty good shape (and considered “useable”), it’s best to cleanse the stone straight away. You want to release whatever negativity has built up in the crystal by cleansing it with palo santo, water or sound.

Then, you can continue to use that crystal when needed or pop it on a shelf as a pretty trinket. If your crystal is broken beyond repair, consider burying the remains to give it back to the earth, or use the pieces as a display in a potted plant. Some gypsum stones, like selenite, can even act as a natural fertiliser, so buying it with a plant is a good way to go.

“Whatever you decide, infuse the broken crystal situation with ceremonial energy,” says Moon Body Soul. “Thank it for its presence in your life, and allow closure so as to not carry the broken energy forward.”

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