What Is a Blended Orgasm and How Do I Get One?


Orgasms are always a hot topic of conversation. Whether it be our best orgasm experiences, how to have one, how many we had with a particular one night stand last week… they’re too good not to talk about.

In my recent conversations about sex, I’ve been hearing the term blended orgasm thrown around a lot, and while I would usually question a sexual term I’m not familiar with, I found myself acting as though I experience them regularly.

It’s interesting that sometimes, we still feel the need to act like we know everything about sex. But we’ve got to remember that especially for us women, the teachings around female pleasure have only really just begun, so it’s really okay not to know about things.

In the spirit of owning what I don’t know and being open to learning more, I’d thought I’d look into this “blended orgasm” term I’ve been hearing, find out what it really means, and more importantly, how I can experience one.

“A blended orgasm is simply blended stimulation of more than one pleasure zone,” says We-Vibe sexologist Christine Rafe, “which then supports increased arousal and can lead to a more intense orgasm.”

“While no two orgasms are exactly the same — and pleasure can vary from body to body — stimulating more than one pleasure-zone would understandably increase the overall pleasure experience.”

In basic terms, blended stimulation just means pleasuring two points of pleasure for you (they’ll be different for everybody), to achieve maximum satisfaction. For example, if you’re someone who has likes their nipples to be stimulated, stimulating the nipple and also the clitoris would be considered blended stimulation and could result in a blended orgasm.

Similarly, you could play around with external and internal stimulation, to achieve a blended orgasm. This would mean stimulating both the internal and external parts of the clitoris.

What turns each person on is different, and while there are common pleasure points (such as the clitoris), these are not always our most sensitive and responsive spots. Therefore, to reach blended orgasm success, you’ll need to a do a bit of experimenting.

Here are Christine Rafe’s four top tips to maximise blended stimulation, to achieve a blended orgasm.

Practise and Play

Practice makes perfect, and sex is no exception. Rafe says that being able to identify the pleasure zones of your body will be a major key to unlocking your blended orgasms.

“Practice different types of stimulation in these areas to understand more about what feels best for you,” she says. “You can then play around with stimulating more than one of your pleasure zones, in either solo or partnered play, to find the blended stimulation that feels best for you.”

Use a Sex Toy for Support

“For many vulva owners, external clitoral stimulation is a key player in pleasure, arousal and orgasm,” Rafe says.

If you’re someone who finds it difficult to achieve orgasm through penetration alone, you’re not definitely not the only one! This is where blended stimulation can come in handy.

“Incorporating blended stimulation of the clitoris and another pleasure zone such as the G-spot… can support clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex (vaginally and/or anally), and increase orgasmic potential,” Rafe says.

She suggests the We-Vibe Nova-2 ($163.36), which stimulates the clitoris and G-spot simultaneously.

More Pleasure = More Arousal

“In partnered sex, many of my clients — as well as documented research — report that seeing their partner experience pleasure is a turn-on, and increases the arousal and pleasure of both parties,” Rafe says.

“This means that blending stimulation for one partner can maximise the pleasure and satisfaction of both (or all) people in that experience.” 

So basically, it’s a win win situation.

Be Present

Rafe says that by following the pleasure in-the-moment, rather than making orgasm the ‘end goal’, is a way better set-up for success.

“If you pay attention to the blended stimulation in the present moment —rather than thinking ahead to what might happen — you are more likely to experience increased pleasure and satisfaction,” she explains.

“Not only that, but you’ll likely achieve a more intense and holistic orgasm, that is, your whole body feels the pleasure rather than specifically your clitoris/ pelvic region.”

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