“Absolute Hypocrisy”: Laura Byrne Criticises Abbie Chatfield’s New Gig

Abbie Chatfield Laura Byrne

The war of the podcaster worlds is continuing after “Life Uncut” co-host Laura Byrne has called Abbie Chatfield’s new “FBOY Island” hosting gig “absolute hypocrisy.”

To recap the week in drama between former participants of “The Bachelor”, things kicked off on Tuesday when radio host Kyle Sandilands made what could most politely be described as disparaging comments about Abbie’s love life

During an interview with Kyle, rapper Yung Gravy said he was getting to know Abbie and enjoying the early stages of seeing each other. 

“You and everybody else,” Kyle replied, adding, “Line up.”

Joining Kyle in the studio for the interview was Laura’s co-host and fellow Bachelor alum, Brittany Hockley, who chimed in after Kyle, telling Yung Gravy she had “no doubt” the two were planning on getting to know each other better. 

Abbie then called out the comments from Kyle and Brittany, labelling it as slut-shaming. 

“I was incredibly disappointed to hear Kyle and Brittany slut shame me on breakfast radio during an interview with Yung Gravy,” Abbie wrote, saying, she found the conversation to be “not only sexist, and deeply upsetting, but also not even …funny?” 

She added, “don’t perpetuate misogyny on a huge platform, giving people listening a pass to slut shame.” 

With a line in the sand seemingly drawn, things reignited on Thursday after Abbie announced she is set to host the 2023 series of BINGE’s newest reality TV show, “FBOY Island”. 

“I am so excited to be hosting ‘FBOY Island’ in 2023 and can’t wait to work on a dating show that encourages women to work together and support each other in the pursuit of finding love, and separating those charming Fboys from the lovely nice guys,” Abbie said in a statement. 

The series, which is yet to film, will involve 12 “genuine” guys and 12 FBoys vying for the attention of three women, whose job will be to separate the time wasters from the good guys, while hopefully finding love. There’s also an undisclosed cash prize up for grabs for whoever wins. 

This announcement from 27-year-old Abbie drew criticism from Laura, who took issue with both the premise of the show and Abbie’s decision to host. 

“[Abbie] talks about dismantling the patriarchy, [then] announces that [she is] hosting ‘FBOY Island’, a show that encourages men to lie to women and manipulate their emotions in order to win a cash prize,” Laura said in an Instagram video.

“That is enough internet for me today. The absolute hypocrisy,” she said before signing off. 

Abbie then replied to Laura’s video with her own, saying, “I would not sign up for this show if that was a premise of the show, Laura, so I think you need to maybe address what your co-host did rather than trying to retaliate in this very passive-aggressive weird way.” 

Defending the premise of the series, Abbie added, “I can promise you that the women have complete control and know what the f**k is going on,” adding that all male participants applying for the show knowing if they will be cast as a good guy or an FBoy. 

Abbie then added, “Laura’s whole issue with this whole thing would not have happened and she wouldn’t be feeling defensive and upset if her co-host hadn’t slut shamed me and if she wasn’t being scared of losing listeners on her podcast or scared that it makes her name looks bad.”

Honestly, this feels like a heated fifth set at the Australian Open right now.

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