“MAFS” 2024 Recap: Jayden’s Dark Past Leaves Us Speechless


Last night, the first “MAFS” dinner party left Natalie and Collins in the dust while Jack dodged bullets about a “secret girlfriend”. Now, our couples are taking the plunge and moving in together. But hey, what better way to ease into domestic bliss than with the rollercoaster that is Confessions Week?

We kick off the episode with Lauren and Jonathan, who are unpacking their belongings — and the previous night’s drama. Lauren isn’t buying Jack’s story, and suspects there’s a rat in the love nest. Down the hall, Jack’s airing his grievances to Tori about Lauren’s “quacking” during his attempts at damage control.

But tonight, there’s a new couple in the spotlight. Jayden makes a shocking confession that shakes up his relationship, while a familiar face returns. Here’s your “MAFS” recap for episode seven.

Jayden and Eden

The relationship experts waste no time cranking up the drama with Confessions Week, and they kick things off with the Letter Writing task. Enter lovebirds Eden and Jayden, who are ready to drop some truth bombs. Buckle up, because Jayden’s hiding a dark past that hits harder than the Monday morning scaries. The secret? Well, Jayden tells Eden about the time he told his cheating ex that he wanted to sleep with one of her friends… while she watches. Yeah, you heard that right. The ex, who was desperate to win Jayden back at the time, agreed to his idea.


Let’s take a moment to recall that Eden is someone who was once heartbroken by her childhood best friend hooking up with her then-boyfriend. It’s no surprise, but she’s pretty shaken by Jayden’s confession. She asks him the million-dollar question – does he regret it now? Without hesitation, Jayden declares he has zero remorse. Quick, Eden, hide your friends!

“I feel like that’s so triggering to me because of my situation, which you already know about,” Eden says, holding back tears.

“… The story was gross and I didn’t like it at all, but he didn’t seem to regret it. That was the concerning part.”

Unable to come to terms with Jayden’s confession, Eden heads down the corridor to fellow bride Sara for her take on it. Sara is equally shocked, and swears that if Tim said such a thing, she’d be out the door. Comforted by Sara’s reaction, Eden realises she needs some time to figure out the future of her love story with Jayden. Yikes.

Can Eden and Jayden weather this storm, or is their love story headed for uncharted territory?

Natalie… Is Back?


Natalie, who made a dramatic exit at the last dinner party, walks back into the experiment, leaving her husband Collins utterly flabbergasted.

Having spent some time alone, Natalie is ready to take another chance on her “MAFS” hubby. Why? Well, we’re not quite sure. It’s clear to see that Collins has no romantic feelings towards his bride; he appears far more concerned about missing out on all the fun with the other groups. But, here we are!

“If he starts to do that surface-level performance, I’m out,” Natalie warns.

Natalie asks Collins if he’s sure he wants to be here; Collins throws the same question back at Natalie, and the pair just stand there awkwardly. The second-hand embarrassment we’re feeling? That’s real. Can Natalie and Collins find common ground after her unexpected return?

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“MAFS” airs Sunday at 7.00pm and Monday  Wednesday at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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