“MAFS” 2024 Recap: You Won’t Believe Who Just Left the Experiment Mid-Dinner Party


Welcome back, fellow “MAFS” friends! Keen for a recap on all the drama? We’ve got just what you’re looking for. Last week, we watched our couples say their “I dos” and tie the knot with complete strangers. Now, it’s time to gather all the lovebirds for the much-anticipated first Dinner Party of the season. Is it just us, or is the Dinner Party our favourite guilty pleasure? Ahead, find our very own “MAFS” dinner party recap.

In the history of “MAFS” dinner parties, we’ve seen cheating scandals unfold, red wine thrown, and some epic screaming matches. There’s just something about these nights that brings out the wild side in everyone. Forget about the weddings; give us the wine-throwing and drama any day!

This “MAFS” dinner party recap is serving up some serious drama. What would you believe more? One couple has already left to the experiment, or two man-buns face-off over some juicy gossip?

Lets Unpack All the “MAFS” Dinner Party Drama


The stage is set in Sydney, the city of love — or at least, the city of dramatic reality TV dinners. The word on the street is that Tori’s hubby, Jack, might have left someone else in the dust for his shot at “MAFS” fame. Look, it wouldn’t be the first time this has happened. Eden, Jayden, Lauren, and Jonathan have their detective hats on, and they’re ready to expose the truth about Jack’s pre-experiment relationship shenanigans.

As the Cocktail Party kicks off, love is in the air, but so is the tension. Natalie and Collins are putting on a brave face, but underneath, there’s a storm brewing. Natalie’s feeling like a third wheel, and Collins is just thrilled to be at a Dinner Party, oblivious to his wife’s emotional turmoil.

Enter Tori and Jack, the couple everyone’s been side-eyeing. Did you all feel that tension rise as Jack attempts to fan the flames of gossip with Tim? But alas, dinner is served, and we’re left wanting answers!

Natalie and Collins Leave “MAFS”


The real bomb drops when Natalie decides she’s had enough of this experiment… after, what? A few days? Maybe it’s the overwhelming love in the air — or the fact that Collins is on a socialising spree while she’s left in the dust. Whatever it is, Natalie bails, leaving Collins heartbroken and the table in shock. But it’s clear to see that he’s more upset over missing out on the lols at the dinner table than his actual wife leaving him.

The couple say their farewells to the table, and honestly, Collins must think he’s in some sort of drama series with the performance he puts on.

“Oh my God, I cancelled everything,” Collins tells cameras. “I have to go back to work tomorrow.”

Much like Lauren, we’re a bit like… what the actual f**k? Is this guy serious right now?


Red Flag Jack Gets a Grilling

With Natalie and Collins making a dramatic exit, the spotlight turns to Jack. The group launches into a full-on inquisition, and Jayden is leading the charge. He’s bored, and what better way to change that by stirring some s**t up? Jack’s in the hot seat, Tori’s squirming, and we’re reaching for the popcorn.

“It was a very casual, yet exclusive relationship, but very casual,” he tells the group. “She fell a little bit harder for me, a little bit quicker. She’s throwing me under the bus.”


Despite being questioned by the group, Jack denies all the allegations, stating he’s “done nothing wrong”. He pretty much flips the script, acting like his crazy ex is all to blame. Surprisingly, Tori stands by her man. It’s giving Bronte and Harrison 2.0, and we all know how that ended. The Dinner Party turns into a reality courtroom drama, and the verdict is “not guilty… for now”. Oh, “MAFS”, you never fail to deliver the drama, and we’re here for it! C’mon, what’s next?

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“MAFS” airs Sunday at 7.00pm and Monday Wednesday at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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