Thousands of Outraged Viewers Have Signed a Petition Against Married At First Sight’s Olivia

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If you’ve been tuning in to Married At First Sight then you would know how repulsive Olivia Frazer’s behaviour is on the show. After knowingly distributing a nude photo of Domenica Calarco as an act of revenge, the aspiring educator has found herself being one of the most hated participants in this year’s season.

It all went down during the second-last dinner party when Olivia revealed she had “Googled” Domenica and came across an explicit photo from her OnlyFans account. The claim itself seemed sceptical, as content on OnlyFans cannot be found through a simple Google search.

It was then that she decided to share the photo with the rest of the cast — something Domenica did not consent to. 

Since the entire ordeal, outraged viewers have taken to to petition against the participant, with one of them asking the e-Safety Commissioner to take immediate action for image-based abuse

The petition, which was started by Peter Molak Joyce, stated that: “Olivia Frazer shared an intimate image of another participant Domenica Calarco with the other participants in the program, without Domenica’s consent.”

It continued: “This meets the official definition of ‘image-based abuse’ outlined on the e-Safety Commissioner’s website ‘Image-based abuse occurs when an intimate image or video is shared without the consent of the person pictured’.”

Peter said immediate action was required “in order to make it clear this kind of abuse is not acceptable.”

“Especially on a nationally syndicated television program in which both the victim and the perpetrator have taken part.”

The petition was uploaded on March 16 and by March 17 it had already attracted 20,662 signatures. The next day, it jumped to 89,777 signatures, and that number keeps increasing.

Aside from all of the above, Domenica recently spoke to WHO and said she’s grateful for the support of those watching and that she’s looking into the matter.

“The laws have just recently changed in NSW last year, and you would know that, and I can say that I have consulted legal advice and that’s all I can say about that right now,” she revealed.

“But [what happened] is very infuriating. Because I know there are women out there who’ve had it way harder than me and had it ruin their careers or relationships and it’s brought up a lot of trauma for many women — because I’ve seen the messages and read the messages and I feel for these people.

“Yes, it happened to me on a global stage in front of literally the world, but if I can be that person that stands up for this and can make something of this, I will. Because it will be for the women who haven’t been strong enough, who have messaged me. I’ve honestly been bawling my eyes out over the messages.”

Viewers have also been fighting against Olivia’s right to teach in Australia, with another petition stating she’s “a bully and she should never be a teacher or probably around kids in general.”

In last night’s Commitment Ceremony, Olivia admitted to having zero empathy over the entire situation and it was clear from her attitude that she didn’t think she was in the wrong.

Married At First Sight airs at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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