“Masked Singer Australia”: There Are Still Better Days Ahead for Pete Murray, and That’s So Beautiful

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Well, well, well, folks, you know what they say: “The Masked Singer” sure knows how to keep us guessing! But let’s be real, when the smooth and soulful voice of Aussie sensation Pete Murray came echoing out from behind that Tiny mask, was anyone truly shocked? Not so much! The moment Tiny was unmasked on the popular Channel 10 series might not have left us all in shock, but it did add a new layer of appreciation to his musical talents.

Even the eagle-eyed judge Chrissie Swan couldn’t help but crack a knowing smile as Pete belted out those unmistakable tunes. Throughout his time on “The Masked Singer”, Murray entertained us with a diverse array of songs, from the timeless “God Only Knows” by The Beach Boys to his lively duet with fellow contestant Bluebottle on “A Little Less Conversation”.

Following his exit, POPSUGAR Australia spoke to Pete over the phone about his “Masked Singer” journey and what the future holds for this Aussie icon.

Why Pete Murray Joined “Masked Singer”

“In this business, you’re in the studio, you’re recording, then you go out on the road and you tour, and then you’ll get back in the studio and you record again,” Pete opened up about what led him to “The Masked Singer”. For an artist, life can get a tad predictable. So when the chance to step into a world of masks and music came knocking, Pete jumped on board with enthusiasm.

“When the opportunity to do a show like this is like, I was like, ‘Let’s just go and have some fun and jump in a mask’. No one knows who you are until you get voted off the show.”

Pete revealed in the intrigue of anonymity and the thrill of being hidden behind elaborate disguises.

“You go out there, and the audience, and no one knows who you are,” he admitted. “You gotta sing and just sort of get the reaction from them and not knowing who the other guys are. It’s all kind of a pretty cool concept, really.”

What’s Next for Pete Murray?

Pete Murray is undoubtedly one of Australia’s musical treasures, having left an indelible mark on the industry over the past two decades. With an estimated 1.2 million albums sold in his home country since the release of his breakthrough album “Feeler” in 2003, he’s become a beloved and enduring figure in the Australian music scene.

But here’s the exciting part: Pete’s Masked Singer appearance arrives at a time when he’s in the midst of a triumphant career milestone. He’s celebrating 20 years since his major label debut with the release of a greatest hits collection and an accompanying tour, marking an incredible journey through the ever-evolving landscape of the music world.

The “Greatest Hits’ Tour

Pete’s upcoming “greatest hits” tour signifies not just a celebration but the start of another chapter in his illustrious career. When asked how it felt to reach this significant milestone, Pete was keen to emphasise, “It’s the start of the first 20 years at the start of my career. So, you know, for me, I’m keen to get another 20 in there if I can.”

But the journey doesn’t stop there. Pete’s passion for music continues to drive him forward.

“I’m still writing for the new stuff,” he revealed, hinting at a possible release next year. “It feels really great and I just think it’s nice to kind of do our best to wrap up that first 20 years of what I’ve done so far. It’s kind of nice to put that to bed, and, you know, now start to move forward with something new and keep moving towards the future and just enjoy and play music.”

New Music on the Horizon

Beyond his tour and the “Masked Singer” excitement, Pete is already charting out his future plans. Collaborations are high on his list.

“It would be nice to do some duets with some artists. That might be a good thing to do down the track,” he teased.

But that’s not all. Pete’s exploration of new songwriting territories has opened the door to an unexpected musical adventure.

“There’s actually a couple of new songs we’ve got that have got a little bit of a country flavour,” he shared. This newfound affinity for country music could lead to a fascinating collaboration with a female country artist. While our minds go straight to Shania Twain, Pete didn’t have anyone specific in mind… yet.

“I think adding a bit of a country flavour to some of the songs could be an interesting move into another musical dimension,” he added.

Pete Murray’s unmasking on “The Masked Singer” was not just a revealing of his identity; it was a celebration of a career spanning two decades and an exciting glimpse into the future.

“The Masked Singer” airs Monday and Tuesday at 7:30pm. Catch all the fun, surprises and performances on 10 and 10 Play on Demand. Miss an episode? Watch it when you want on 10 Play.

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