The Challenge’s Ryan Gallagher Calls The Bachelor Crew “Very Selfish, Self-Centred People”

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Ryan Gallagher is opening up about his feud with The Bachelor folk, saying, “they’re very selfish, self-centred people.”

In case you missed it, Ryan was eliminated from Channel 10’s The Challenge last night, but before his exit, he got into an explosive fight with fellow contestant and Bachie alumni, Konrad Bień-Stephens. 

Viewers at home didn’t get to see what caused the altercation, but today, Ryan gave us all the details.

“Brittany was saying some pretty awful things to me, which they didn’t show. And then Konrad tripped me as I was walking out of the house; he kicked the back of my foot,” he told POPSUGAR Australia.

“And then all they showed was me turning around and saying, ‘you grub!’ it didn’t show us working it out, unfortunately. But that’s TV, I signed a contract, and they can show whatever the bloody hell they like and I’m okay with it.”

But it wasn’t Konrad he had the biggest beef with. During our chat, Ryan revealed his true feelings for Brittany Hockley, whose claim to fame was also through The Bachelor franchise.

“Brittany showed a side of herself that I didn’t like, and it brought out a side of me that I didn’t like either,” said Ryan.

“She’s quite a nasty person, and she tried to bully me on the Kyle and Jackie O Show, but they’re my friends on that show; I know them really well. And they’re just going, ‘where is this coming from?’. 

“She’s just quite an evil thing, to be honest. To your face, she’ll tell you that she’s a lovely person, and if you need to say that, nine times out of 10, you’re not a lovely person.”

Brittany is one of the many former Bachelor contestants competing on The Challenge right now, and naturally, they’ve all formed an alliance. 

It’s a strategy that has worked well for them so far, but thanks to the nature of the show, things can switch up at any moment.

“I don’t think any of them got along with each other on the outside; I think they just banded together to screw each other over. In life, will they get along? Probably not,” said Ryan.

The Challenge is Ryan’s third reality TV stint, with the first being Channel 9’s Married At First Sight. And while he’s aware that his success is due to a dating series, he had some pointed words for The Bachelor crew.

“I know I’m from one of those shows, but I had no idea what I was signing up for, and I was sh*t faced when (MAFS) approached me. 

“But these people applied for it. If you’re applying for a love show, and if you’re applying for love and attention, then have a good look at yourself.”

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