This Week on POPSUGAR Rush: Troye Sivan vs. Kylie Minogue

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I never expect great Aussie representation at major overseas award shows. Sometimes it feels like the (great!) art that is produced within our borders never really extends beyond them. There are a few exceptions, obviously: The Kid LAROI, Muriel’s Wedding, and that man who barked like a rabid dog on the news just to name a few. But, in the year 2023, it’s all about two Aussie pop superstars: Kylie Minogue and Troye Sivan. And, like everyone else in Australia, we at POPSUGAR Rush love them both.

Despite the almost 30 years between them, both are making waves in pop in 2023. On one corner, we have Kylie, a bonafide music legend who has become deified not only in Australia but worldwide and has been making hits since before Troye was even alive, including her 2023 viral smash “Padam Padam”. Then, we have Troye, who is proving himself to have a uniquely refreshing take on pop music and hit his stride this year thanks to his hit “Rush”.

Imagine our delight when we learn that both Troye and Kylie are up for Grammys this year, and are in fact competing against each other in the same category — best pop dance recording.

Will Troye Sivan or Kylie Minogue Win a Grammy?

I took to my Twitter account — I don’t recognise any other name for that website — and polled on which song people thought should win the award.

Neck. and. neck.

In fact, even Starr and I couldn’t agree. She’s team “Rush”, and I’m team “Padam.” We love healthy disagreements!

But what are the actual odds of either of them winning? Well, even if Kylie loses this one, she still has a shiny Grammy award on her mantlepiece thanks to winning an award for the iconic “Come Into My World” way back in 2004 — Troye was six years old at the time. This year, Kylie also only has one nomination this year, which means she’s statistically got less chance of taking an award home.

Troye Sivan, however, is up for two Grammys in the aforementioned category and, also, for best music video. And his odds of taking both home are actually pretty high. His only real competition is Miss Minogue in the best pop dance recording category, and Billie Eilish in the best music video category. Keep in mind, the Grammys really, really love Billie Eilish — she’s won seven out of 19 nominations since 2020, and that’s not including the six more nominations she has this year. But who is she to destroy our Australian pride in our own artists? Try it, Billie!

I’m still rooting for Kylie, but I won’t be mad if Troye takes it home over her. Maybe now he won’t swerve us next time we’re on the red carpet with him!

Besides Aussie pop icons, this week on POPSUGAR Rush also saw discussions around:

  • Timothée Chalamet and boygenius inexplicably impersonating Troye on SNL
  • The life and times of your mum’s fave, Robbie Williams
  • David Fincher’s new movie, The Killer, and what it could’ve been
  • The Fab Five now becoming a Fab Four, thanks to Bobby Berk
  • Travis Barker’s audacity to be drumming while Kourtney was in labour
  • and Kevin Bacon

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