Animal Crossing Islands are Being Overrun by Flowers and it’s Pure Chaos

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Basically the entire goal of Animal Crossing is making your island as beautiful as possible. The game gives you lots of tools to do that, including the new Island Ordinances that were introduced in the 2.0 update. Ordinances let you set rules for your island that change the behaviour of your shops and villagers. The Night Owl ordinance, for instance, makes residents go to bed later in the day and shops stay open later, which is great if you tend to play in the evenings. Enabling the Beautiful Island ordinance means no cockroaches will appear on your island, trash will be cleared from the water, less weeds grow, and villagers water flowers more often.

But, hilariously, it’s that last part that’s causing issues. See, enacting the Beautiful Island ordinance doesn’t just make villagers water flowers more often โ€” it makes them water flowers too much. Villagers are picking up their watering can and going to work with a ferocity that would put Costa to shame.

The result? Players are logging into their game to an island literally overgrown with pretty flowers.

People are sharing the chaos taking place on their island and warning other players not to enact the Beautiful Island ordinance. It’s very funny, but the out-of-control flowers seem to be stressing some players out โ€” entirely the opposite of why people play Animal Crossing.

Maybe the Beautiful Island ordinance will inspire the return of WeedCo Weed Removal Services, a player-run organisation started by a played called Tyran that popped up last year. Players could hire WeedCo to visit their island and pull up weeds for free or a small tip โ€” business would surely be booming in the Flowerpocalypse.

In the meantime, maybe don’t turn on the Beautiful Island ordinance. There are three others to choose from โ€” the Early Bird ordinance means villagers wake up and shops open earlier, and the Bell Boom ordinance increases the cost of goods, including the profit you make from selling them.

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